Friday, May 31, 2013

Guest Blog Post: Virginia Voelker

To continue in my series of Mommy Authors, a post from Virginia Voelker, author or The Color of Ordinary Time.  Stay tuned next week for a reveal of the cover to my newest book, Hot Mess.

Battle Cry 

Hi.  My name is Virginia, and I’m a writer.  I’m also a mom, a wife, a knitter, a failed would be rock goddess, a blogger, a reader, a reviewer, an amateur historian, and the most deadly gardener I know.  I would like to tell you that I have a set time for writing everyday.  I would like to claim that I sit down from the hours of nine to noon and diligently craft my stories over a soothing cup of fragrant tea.  I would like to say that my life is harmoniously organized and transcendent.  I would like to assert all of that.  But I would be such a liar.

I love being a mom not just because I love my boys.  Although I do.  I love that moment when they’ve learned something and are so excited they want to go out and use their knowledge now.  I love the energy and confidence they bring to the proceedings of their lives.  I enjoy the fun.  I enjoy the honesty.  I enjoy the little traditions that are just ours.

I write because I love that moment in a well crafted story where you can hardly turn the page because you know what is coming next could be too awful for words.  I also love that moment when the story takes a turn that is so right, or good, or true, that reading the passage brings tears to your eyes.  I aspire to writing those moments.  Sometimes I’m almost successful.

These two things — being a mom, and being a writer — are the only things I’ve always wanted to do.  I’m not going to pretend it’s always easy, or well organized.  For the moment my boys are young enough that I do far more mom-ing than I do writing.  Over time I know that will change.  Until the change comes, I write on the back of shopping receipts while I wait for the bus, or in a notebook next to my dying garden while the boys play tag.  I keep great ideas on brightly colored sticky notes that migrate around the house with me.  Sometimes a sticky note turns out to hold a grocery list instead of a great novel.  Such is life.

At night, after the boys have had their stories and are tucked in, I sit down at my computer.  As I sort through my sticky notes and receipts I work at creating those written moments I aspire to.  I don’t mind that it’s hard work.  Hard work makes you strong.  I don’t even mind that I fail more than I succeed, for I have been granted a battle cry by my sons.

My battle cry is made up of the words my oldest used to repeat to himself when he was a preschooler and concentrating hard on something.  To me they are the embodiment of energy and confidence in the face of struggle.

“Strawberry Jam!  I’m a genius!”

How could I possibly fail with a battle cry like that?

Virginia's blog can be found HERE

Her book, The Color of Ordinary Time, can be purchased from the following:  You guys may have to copy/paste the links in the browser window.  My links aren't working for some reason.(Anne's note)

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