Monday, May 13, 2013

Book Review: How to Write an Awful Romance

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By B.D. Trash...

Methinks this is a pseudonym....

This tongue in cheek novella/how to guide explores stereotypes in Romance writing sub-genre by sub-genre. I ran across it purely by accident, while I was searching for free reads on Kindle.  My first thought was, "But I already know how to write an awful romance."  Considering it a Continuing Education course, I went ahead and downloaded it, always looking to learn something new.

And I did.

To write an awful Historical Romance, no research is absolutely necessary.  Just be American (check), make the hero a duke, and the heroine a spitfire.  Other suggested "ingredients" for a Historical are: "grand society ball or masquerade, an elopement to Gretan Green (just over the Scottish border, where people under age could legally marry without parental consent:, possibly a highwayman, a broken-down coach, a mysterious governess of noble background, a great inheritance, and at minimum, a couple of hot sex scenes."

Exploring genres such as Beastly Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense, and Fantasy Romance with Trash was fun.  The author explained that once I hit fifty, my romances will probably lose a little steam in the sex scenes, so I may want to switch over to Spiritual Romance.

This book was more entertaining than anything else, and I suspect the writer is a traditionally published author, making a little jab at Indie Authors who slop through their writing, self-publish, and call it a day.

Maybe not.  At any rate, this was a quick read that actually made me laugh out loud a couple of times, with it's irreverence of the craft.  If you're a fan of satire, and have a pretty good sense of humor about your own work, read this.

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