Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Guest Post: Jennifer Raygoza

Another guest post in my series of Mommy Authors...

I was asked to write about my experiences with balancing motherhood and being an author. First off let’s start with the word difficult. I try to write when my two children are at school, but sometimes the inspiration is not there at the moment. I try to write when the children are sleeping, but sometimes the hectic day of housework, children’s homework and life events can exhaust me. So let’s get to the meat of it. I find myself torn between trying to get all my ideas written down, and keeping my promise to go watch SpongeBob with my irritated children who have been waiting for hours.
I love my children but writing when they are in the home is hard. Anyone who is a writer probably needs a little bit of quiet to work, and no distractions to get it done. If your house is like mine once the kids come home-It probably gets pretty noisy and pretty crazy. I would say author moms have to do plenty of multi-tasking to get anything done. On any given day you can see me writing, advertising and doing homework while texting or emailing on my phone all in the same shot. It can be overwhelming. I am still learning how to balance everything. I have started to shut down my PC, and leave my work undone so I can give more time to the kids. I have realized it’s still going to be there. I will still finish it. It just may take a little longer than expected.

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