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My Own Four Winds Series... A Run-down...

Anne Conley is an author with a spiritual side.  Mostly known for her contemporary romances, set in Serendipity, Texas, she also has a series of books about the Archangels.  The Four Winds are God's closest archangels, having helped him for since the dawn of time.  He sees they're tired, and humanity has rubbed off on them, to varying degrees, so he decides to let them "fall" as long as it's in love.  Meet Uriel, Raphael, Gabriel, and Michael, like you've never seen them before..  Anne has attempted to reconcile her Christian upbringing with her smutty side, with great results.

Book One:  Falling for Heaven  FREE!!  FREE!!  FREE!!  FREE!!

Uriel is one of God's Four Winds, the Archangel of Destiny. He has helped thousands of people throughout the ages find their destiny according to His will. This time however, what he doesn't realize, is that it's his own destiny he's supposed to fulfill. 
Heather is an exotic dancer, whose stage name is Heaven. It's not what she's always wanted to do, but it helps her pay the bills, and she's got a lot of bills, with taking care of her mother and her sister. When the mysterious Uriel comes into the club, she can tell he's different -- just how different will rock her world...

Hot cover, yes?  I should freaking say so...

Book Two in her Four Winds series is Falling for Grace.
Rafael is one of God’s Four Winds, the Archangel of Healing. He has answered the countless prayers for healing of loved ones, wondering what it was about the emotion that made humans willing to sacrifice so much. 

Grace is a lifeguard who has been on Rafe’s radar since she lost a little boy three years ago. What she doesn’t realize is the green haze that comes over her during a rescue is actually a divine presence who’s about to give up his celestial body to become a very real entity in her life. 

While Grace is trying to overcome her own demon, Rafe is discovering his own sexuality, but there’s a darker presence making himself known. The Deceiver wants what Rafe is getting, and he’ll do whatever it takes to have her.


This crazy man had worked his way completely under her skin,
and she was beginning to doubt her own sanity.
            She was
overwhelmed suddenly with images of Rafe, sensations of his touch on her skin.  His kisses.  She lowered her head into her hands and groaned aloud, earning herself amused looks from neighboring tables.
            Grace couldn't get him out of her head. 
            "I'm not leaving."
            The voice again.  Jeez, she was imagining him inside her head, his voice inside her head.
            "You're not crazy."  His voice was soft,
reassuring.  "And neither am I."
            She made a conscious decision to talk back to him, being careful to keep it in her head.  Grace didn't need any more looks from restaurant patrons.  "Yes, you are.  And I am, too.  I'm talking to you, aren't I?"  Her “inside the head” voice was a whisper, as
if she didn't even want herself to hear.
            His chuckle in her head made her warm all over. "Call me, Grace.  I can explain some of this."    
            "Why do I need to call you?  Apparently, we can talk this way."
            "Because you don't believe this is really happening."
            "You're right.  I'm deluded."  Apparently, this part came out aloud, because the waitress had just arrived with her chili-cheese fries and gave her a strange look.
            "You okay, hon?"  Grace nodded, before digging into her greasy comfort food.
            "Are you?"  The voice inside her head was persistent, and pissing her off.
            "No.  I'm not. I'm seeing things.  I'm talking to myself.  The only guy I can't stop
thinking about is insane, I've effectively lost my job.  I'm living in a hotel room.  No I'm not okay!"  She mentally screamed it at her imaginary Rafe voice.
            "I'm coming to you."
            "Fine, then."  He sounded hurt, and Grace
felt guilty for hurting her imaginary friend's feelings.
            "Just leave me alone."
            "No."  The voice inside her head was resolute.  "I can make you want me."
            Suddenly, Grace felt warm and she could feel the flush rise up her cheeks.  She already wanted him.  That was part of the problem.  Rafe chuckled inside her head.  Suddenly, an intense pressure registered between her legs, and she crossed them. Her stomach sank.  He could get
inside her head, but could he do this?
            "Yes.  I can."
She wasn't aware that she had consciously asked the question, but she couldn't 
squeeze her legs together hard enough to relieve the pressure, so she shifted in her seat, looking around to see if anybody was watching her.

            Her breasts felt fuller suddenly, and her nipples were tingly and erect.  She could feel the blood flow to her nether regions, and she sat up straight, arching her back to press down on the seat.
            "Would you stop?"  She hissed inside her head. 
            "Shh…I'm concentrating."  She could almost feel his hands on her body, sending shivers of delight across her skin.  Grace couldn't stop squirming in her seat, feeling the invisible pressure build at the apex of her thighs.  She tried to squirm and press the seam of her shorts against herself, but it was only making the sensations worse.  She looked around again, to make sure nobody was looking before pressing her hand against her sex, under the table.  Another chuckle from inside her head.
            Her mouth was dry, and she tried to swallow past the lump in her throat, but she
couldn't.  Her breath was coming in gasps, and she willed herself to not succumb to the desire that was filling her body.  Keeping her body still and afraid to breathe, Grace pressed her hand against the crotch of her shorts, willing whatever was coming to come.  Just do it quietly.
            The pressure was so intense she could barely breathe, and she could feel waves of
heat crashing through her body. "Come on, Rafe…Just do it…Please."  Her voice inside her head was a desperate plea.  Nothing had ever made her feel this before.  Not even herself.
            “Really?”  The voice in her head sounded smug.
            “Do it or stop messing with me.  Please…”  She had crossed her legs, then wrapped her
foot around her calf, squeezing furiously, hand on her crotch pressing to relieve pressure.  She was almost out of her mind.
            “I’m coming to you.  I need you to be thinking of me this way.  We could be so good together.”
            His voice inside her head was picking at her seams, unravelling her with its husky
depth.  And then it was gone, leaving her aching with need.

Book Three in the Four Winds Series by Anne Conley, is Falling for Hope.

Hope is an eccentric librarian who lives with her five cats and loves to spend her time fantasizing about living in a world of shape-shifters, vampires, and fairies. Although the existence of a paranormal world is far from Hope's reality, she can't help but sense there's something different about the mysterious man lurking in her library. 

Gabriel is God's Strength, the Messenger, who's been tasked with delivering the Word for millennia. His most recent assignment will be his last, to fall in love and become human. But he can't quite figure out what he's done to displease the Boss. Gabriel's latest assignment might be the hardest, but this gorgeous rubenesque quirk of a woman definitely has him intrigued.

Okay, probably the coolest part of this particular book is the heroine, a quirky librarian who lives inside her own fantasy-land of the paranormal romances she reads.  She's not the least bit surprised to meet an archangel.  Haha!

And the cover has books on it.  That's pretty cool, too.  

But the whole reason for this particular post is the latest release in the series, which coincidentally, is the entire reason Anne wrote the series:  The archangel of War's story.  Falling for Faith...

In this, the fourth book in the Four Winds Series, the story is more intense, Damien is more intense, the sex is more intense. The entire series thus far has escalated into this, the archangel of war's story.

Michael, the archangel of war, is pissed. Humanity has taken every last vestige of any feelings he might have had and colored them in with cynicism. He’s ready to be done. So when The Boss gives him the deal, he’s eager for his mortality, at any cost, regardless of who he has to ‘fall in love’ with to get it. Blessed death. That’s what he’s looking forward to. When he finds out what Faith does for a living, he’s pissed off all over again.

Faith is a cat burglar, but when she inadvertently makes a deal with Damien, Michael steps in to protect what is rightfully his. She’s not over her own tragic past, and this hulking bundle of hotness can’t change that. But when he insists on protecting her, claiming her, and dominating her, she is powerless to deny her own emotions.

For mature audiences. Contains swear words, sex, elements of BDSM, and possibly heretical viewpoints. 
“You’re a troglodyte.”

He barked laughter at her, which only made her squirm more.  He crawled up her body to still
her, quite enjoying the feel of her under him.  “Get the fuck off me,” she spat at him.

“Only if you tell me your name, Sweetheart.”  Michael lowered his hips on top of hers,
trying not to think too hard about the position he was putting them in.  Her heaving breasts were touching his chest, and they were really fucking soft.  He could feel her heart pounding under her shirt and told himself he wasn’t scaring her.  He smirked.  “I’m Michael.
Your turn.”  He could feel her legs squirming under his and he used his feet to pin them.  She sighed, rolling her eyes.  It was a bit dramatic, so he humored her.

“Untie me, and I’ll tell you my name.”

“Promise not to attack me anymore.”

She sucked her bottom lip between her teeth in thought and looked at him through glassy eyes.  She was gorgeous.  “Faith,” she whispered.

Michael stilled on his journey up her body.  Did He choose the women for their names?  It sounded like something He would do. Was the name choice part of the allure?  “Of
course.”  He reached over her head and let the ropes loose, entwining his fingers with hers and bringing them between them, looking at the nearly perfect specimen of feminine wiles under him. 

Faith.  Because Michael had lost Faith in his Father?

Whatever.  She was still his.

He watched her, as he hovered over her body, his hands still clasping hers.  She clutched at his
fingers as if he were a lifeline, and she still heaved ragged gasps. Michael had been around a long time and knew his way around a woman’s body.  Her pulse raced in her neck, he could smell a
sweet sweat just under her skin, her cheeks flushed.

Faith was turned on.

He could use this to his advantage, and it wouldn’t be a hardship.  Not at all.

Michael released her hands and slowly lowered his mouth to hers until there was only a whisper of breath between them.  “I swear to you, I’m not the enemy here.”  He continued, with something he hoped she would understand, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, your victory will not stand in doubt; if you know Heaven and know Earth, you may make your victory complete.”

Then, to his surprise, she broached the distance and kissed him.  It was a passionate kiss, one that distracted him beyond reason.  Her hot little tongue slipped past his lips, and Michael couldn’t find himself if he tried.  Her mouth was so warm and wet, reminiscent of other orifices, and his manhood popped to attention as he forgot the mission, forgot the trouble she’d gotten herself in, and reveled in the feel of her mouth. 

She groaned into him, and he ate the sounds, uncaring about why he was doing this anymore.  He’d never experienced a kiss this demanding, this fervid, in a long time.  It was his undoing.

Faith arched under him, grabbing the waistband of his jeans and pulling, while her other hand snaked around his neck, pulling him closer.  He continued exploring the cavern of her mouth as she raised her knee, and with one swift upward thrust, kicked his armpit, adjusting his posture.
In a seamless move, she rolled, scissoring her legs around his torso, and he found himself on the ground next to the sofa, wrapped in a jujitsu hold that was cutting off his air supply quickly.
She had one arm and his neck between powerful thighs, squeezing him into unconsciousness.
Yeah, this might be fun.

He eased his hand between her leg and his neck, unwrapping himself from her tenacious grip.  Holding both of her hands in his, for self-protection more than anything else, he got in her face, taking much needed gasps of oxygen.  His corporeal form may not feel pain, but it did have some limits.

“I’ll leave.  It’s plain you’re not listening.  But hear this.”  His mouth a whisper away from
“You’re mine.  He won’t get you.”

Book buy links on Amazon:

About Anne:  Anne has written her entire life and has the boxes of
angst-filled journals and poetry to prove it.
She’s been writing for public consumption for the last four years.  Currently she is writing two romance
series.  In Stories of Serendipity, she explores real people living real lives
in small town Texas in a contemporary romance setting.  In The
Four Winds,
she chronicles God’s four closest archangels, Uriel, Gabriel,
Raphael, and Michael, falling in love and becoming human.  She lives in rural East Texas with her
husband and children in her own private oasis, where she prides herself in her
complete lack of social skills, choosing instead to live with the people inside
her head.

Anne's Stalker Links:
Twitter:  @anneconley10
Google + :

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Vanessa Booke's Bound to You Volume 3

This entire series is worth a read.  Vanessa is the queen of conflict, as far as I'm concerned.  This particular series is her baby, and has had its shares of heartache during the writing process.  As someone who's been waiting YEARS for her to finish it, all I can say is it was worth the wait.

I'm going to officially review all three parts in a later post, as I haven't finished the final version of the last installment yet.  (Bad Anne)


Synopsis: Arrogant, brooding, domineering, possessive, dangerously handsome, and a playboy. These are all of the characteristics on Rebecca Gellar’s Run-Like-Hell list for men, but she’s about to meet the man who’s the epitome of these and more… 

After breaking off her engagement with Hollywood actor Miles Storm, Rebecca is ready for a change of scenery in her life and in her bed. So when the opportunity to work for StoneHaven Publishing, one of New York City’s most respectable publishing empires presents itself, Rebecca doesn’t hesitate moving to the Big Apple. 


Convinced she can show the owner of StoneHaven Publishing that she has the "right stuff,” Rebecca agrees to a six month trial as the personal assistant to the owner’s playboy son, Nicholas StoneHaven. This is her big chance. If she can just get through these six months without strangling Nicholas with his Armani tie, she'll be okay – easier said than done. Nicholas is the last person Rebecca thought she’d find herself pining for, especially when he hits every category under her list. 

Get ready for a battle of the sexes… 

This book is intended for a mature audience 18+ 
***Volume 3 in a 3 part serial.***


About the author: Vanessa Booke is a lover of poetry, Rom-Coms, the combination of peanut butter and chocolate, and all things Jane Austen. She is an avid reader and graduate from Cal State University, San Bernardino where she received her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature. Vanessa lives in beautiful Southern California with her husband Ryan and their three dachshunds Zer0, Zoey, and Zelda. When she isn’t working on her novels, Vanessa spends most of her time window shopping and taking grand adventures with her partner in crime.
Vanessa loves getting emails from her readers. You can contact her at

You can find her on: Facebook   Twitter  Website

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The Coolest Way to Kill Yourself, by Nicholas Tanek: Spotlight, Interview and My Review

This morning, I'm talking about Nicholas Tanek's story, The Coolest Way to Kill Yourself.  I know I've been gone awhile, but I'm back with a bang, so enjoy!!

Book Description:

Okay, so no one actually kills themselves in this book.

The Coolest Way to Kill Yourself pulls you into the early 90's New York City rave scene, in all its chaotic, psychedelic glory. The narrator grabs you by your wrist and drags you behind two teenage lovers from New Jersey as they tumble through a whirlwind of reckless hedonism that eventually spirals into a dark, devastating world of drug addiction and heartbreak. As a teenager, Lynn cried, "No one is ever going to write something for me."
Nearly two decades later, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Nicholas did just that. The gesture came too late for our unlikely heroine, but his heart was in the right place. A broken heart... but a true love. Reunited after years apart, Lynn and Nicholas embraced their love and sexuality, and embraced each other, despite troubled pasts, despite illness, despite all of their imperfections and mistakes. They shared the kind of honest and shameless connection that few have had the honor of knowing, and most would never understand.

"We're not hurting anyone. We're just living life without caring what anyone thinks about us."

"It's the coolest way to kill ourselves," Lynn said.

So turn the page, and pull the trigger.

I think that you will find my book very interesting. It is a very unconventional romance. The love of my life died at the age of 37. She passed away a little before Hurricane Sandy. With a generator to keep my laptop working, I wrote a book for the woman who thought no one would ever write something for her.

About the Author:

Nicholas Tanek is an American ghostwriter from New Brunswick, New Jersey. He graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelors in English. He has been a ghostwriter for over 15 years.

Interview with Rutgers University's RUckmakers:

Amazon reviews:

TKS – Radio Interview

My Interview with Nicholas Tanek:

  1.  Describe your writing process. 

NICHOLAS TANEK: I need music. In my book, The Coolest Way to Kill Yourself, I write about writing the actual book. I write about how I need music. I usually get a bunch of records and CDs ready. For The Coolest Way, I would constantly listen to the soundtrack that is in the back of the book. That includes Roxy Music, Withered Hand, My Bloody Valentine, Momus, The Smiths, New Order, Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, the list goes on and on.

2.  What motivates you to sit down and write?

NICHOLAS TANEK: Love. I had to tell this story. It is a true story of the love of my life. Lynn’s story needed to be written. This book saved my life in many ways. After Lynn passed away, I could have fallen into depression, drugs, or other negative behavior. I decided to do something creative. I used to get published in magazines and anthologies. All of my poems and stories were for other women. While coming down on ecstasy, Lynn once got very upset and said, “No one will ever write something for me.” She felt she was never good enough. Well, I wrote a book for the girl who thought no one would ever write for her. Hurricane Sandy devastated New Jersey. During Hurricane Sandy, I had to move into my parents’ basement. Many houses did not have power. My laptop was powered by our generator. Seeing the loss and devastation, I felt inspired to preserve the memories and honor Lynn’s life.  At the start of the story, I was a New Jersey punk rock skater kid who got into the rave scene during the 1990’s. The story captures the come down that followed. The book is filled with hard drugs, kinky sex, and an endless amount of music references. I am very proud of it. Just like Lynn, the book is very different. I think I am very different too.  As a couple, we were not like all the rest. I wanted my book to capture that. It is not a romance novel, but it is a love story.

  1. Do you have any writers that you consider mentors?
NICHOLAS TANEK: Catherine Doty, a poet from New Jersey.

4.  What do you think your greatest strength is in your writing?
NICHOLAS TANEK: Brutal honesty. This is a true story. I am honest about Lynn’s life and I am honest about mine. There are many things in this book that embarrass me and, sometimes, the people I know. Still, Lynn and I had honesty in our relationship. As a writer, I needed to be honest with the reader.

5.  What is your biggest challenge?
NICHOLAS TANEK: Making it as perfect as possible. Nothing I do will be perfect, but I can try. So, my editor and I spent months and months making something about being imperfect as perfect as it could be.

6.  Do you ever experience writer's block?  How do you get through it?
NICHOLAS TANEK: Write. Fix it later. Seriously, write… just write. Even if everything gets deleted and only one good sentence or thought comes from it, it’s cool. Think of it as fertilizer. This is going to sound silly, but it’s true. Your beautiful, creative rose may grow from all of that shit you put on paper.

7.  Name some authors who have influenced or inspired you?
NICHOLAS TANEK: Richard Shannon. He wrote The Book Of Peace. I also like Hunter S. Thompson, Herman Hesse, JD Salinger, and many others. Some very cool comics wrote some interesting books too. David Cross, Eugene Mirman, Chris Gethard, Marc Maron, and Patton Oswalt wrote some very funny books.

8.  Tell us about your favorite character from the book. 
NICHOLAS TANEK: Lynn. This book was written for the love of my life, Lynn. Not only did she come into her own, but she helped me with the so-called “character arc.” We saved each other. We were both ex-drug addicts dealing with depression and addiction. We became enlightened. It sounds corny, but it’s true. Love saved us. Kink enlightened us. Our lives improved because of our relationship. It was beautiful.

9.   Are there specific themes that you would like your reader to grasp while they’re reading your novel?
NICHOLAS TANEK: Truly loving someone with complete honesty is something that most people do not do. Lynn and I admitted our faults, our deepest secrets and desires, and we had a beautiful romance. We knew every single detail of each other. We embraced each other’s faults and tried to help each other. Honesty is essential to all relationships. Most of all, be honest with yourself. Trust is romance. Lynn and I had a beautiful romance because we trusted each other. The trust became the romance.

10.  Do you have a current work in progress?  Can you tell a little bit about it?
NICHOLAS TANEK: Yes. I am in the process of editing a prequel to The Coolest Way to Kill Yourself, however it is a stand-alone story. The prequel is titled Chipped Black Nail Polish: A Tribute To A Post-Punk Rock New Jersey Girl. Once again, it is true. It is about my very first love. She took me, a very awkward, shy music snob of a teenager and introduced me into a world of New Jersey punk rock. The reader can read about how Nicholas became the Nicholas they meet at the start of The Coolest Way. I like to think of it as a post-punk rock John Hughes film.

11.  Tell us about yourself, outside of writing.

12.  Is there anything else you would like to share?

NICHOLAS TANEK: This is when I crack my evil grin… READERS! Expect more from authors. Please look deeper. Do not settle for cheap romance BDSM books that are only looking to take your money. Look for more creative and original books. The new romantics are here.  There is nothing wrong with the typical romance novel… However, many of the very popular books that deal with BDSM do NOT represent the BDSM community in a safe and honest way. They are written to make money and exploiting the BDSM community and lifestyle. There is a whole new wave of honest people who are writing very romantic love stories that include real BDSM and they are not writing just to sell books. They are trying to create art. We are trying to create classics. We are trying to help others. We are the new romantics. We are a part of something very cool. Check it out.

My Review:

As evidenced by the rest of this post, this is not your typical romance novel.  For one thing, it's a memoir, and for another, it does not have the HEA most romance readers are accustomed to.  I'm not spoiling anything, Mr. Tanek is very clear from the get-go that Lynn, the love of his life, dies, and the story is written for her.  It's a beautiful, raw, poignant, and at times ugly celebration of life, both Lynn's and Nick's, and their love.

There are several aspects of the story that I had to get used to.  One was the writing style, but the style reflects the maturity level and events of the characters' lives.  So in the beginning, the style is choppy and chaotic, the narrative jumping from event to event and overlapping in some places.  But this sets the tone beautifully, and enables the readers to submerse themselves more easily into the 90's rave scene, with all the drugs and sex and music that goes along with it.  (The only rave I've ever been to was just a few years ago, and I was the only dinosaur there over 30, and not wearing a tu-tu.  At the time, I thought to myself, 'this would have been cool fifteen years ago').  

So the story is a collection of bittersweet recollections of a love lost, his mistakes, her mistakes, and both of their salvations.  The beginning shows the dark chaos that was their lives, the drugs, the parties, their blatant egocentrism of youth, fed by the writing style. The latter part of the book changes focus, as they overcome their drug addiction and embrace their sexuality.  

 The characters are beautifully flawed, wearing their emotions on their sleeves.  The writing style matures along with the characters.  A lot of the topics involved hit me very close to home.  I had more than a few moments where I had to put the book down and do something else, because I knew what was about to happen, and that was my way of stopping the characters from making mistakes, at least until after I finished the dishes.  I also had several moments where I had to just put the book down and think.  

This book was not given to me in exchange for an honest review.  I bought it.  And for the amount of thought I put into it, it's totally worth every damn penny.

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Taking a breather...

I'm going to be off the blog for a week or so while I attend an Author Event in Houston that has my head spinning for some reason.

When I get back though, I've got a few reviews for you guys, including one for a book that's made my really rocked my world.

I'm taking a step back (just a small one, mind you) from the book promo, and will be promoting books I want to promote, instead of every damn book I find.

I'll be promoting my own work a little more also.  I've got a release coming out at the end of August, Falling for Faith, and work on Saving Charlie has become depressing in a slightly cathartic way.  I'd like to share some of that with you guys as well.

Anyway, until then, adieu.

MUAH!  *blows a kiss*

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Angels Sinners Anthology Giveaway, plus MORE!

Here is a Rafflecopter giveaway, where you can win your chance at a copy of the Anthology, or several different ebooks and swag from the authors.  Check it out!

If you don't want to enter, go buy a copy.  All proceeds are benefiting the VFW post 8790, in Houston Texas.  It's only 2.99 for nine stories, all soooo different.  Very much worth it.

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Indie Author Mashup Anthology Author Spotlight - Kimberly Kennedy

The City of Sin Never Looked so good... 

For Jessi Jones Las Vegas has been a curse and a sanctuary for the last ten years. She loves and returns every year to the hotel she used to work at but remembers a time her heart was broken, right in the lobby, by him... 

Nathan Skye might have left her in Las Vegas but now he's back, to pull off the ultimate con and he needs Jessi to complete it. He's going for the jackpot, and the stakes are his queen of hearts. 

Add in a ex-model boss, the world of high fashion, some priceless jewels, and a few too many people trying to con the system for a wild ride in the city that never sleeps.

And now, please excuse me while I fuel my recent obsession with David Gandy...

Links for Kimberly Kennedy: Tied to the Storm (A super short, hot little erotica that is "pure fun if you are looking for naughty...or should I say, knotty?") The Last Chance (A historical erotica set in the 1920's gangster run Chicago.)

Kimberly Kennedy has always been a creative soul, bouncing back and forth between various crafts and arts. The only one she kept bouncing back to was writing. Being an only child meant creating her own worlds, full of characters that were a combination of people she knew and quirky qualities she thought more people should have. She now lives in Denver, a real life romantic heroine, still trying to find love, one written word at a time.  With her background in fashion and her world travelling ways, Kim brings a sense of escapism and glamour to her readers, helping their inner diva to come out and pley. While she waits on prince charming, kissing a few frogs along the way, she's having a blast vacationing, writing, trying out the amazing culinary and beer centered landscape that is Colorado, loving the mountains, and motoring around in her little grey Barbie car convertible. You can find her online at

Stalker Links:

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Indie Author Mashup - Angels Sinners Anthology Spotlight - Anna Kristell

I'm really excited to meet Anna in person, as we'll be doing a Q and A panel together at the Indie Author Mashup on Small Towns, Big Characters: Plotting and Character Development.  To be honest, I'm way more nervous than anything about that damn panel, because I'm afraid everyone's going to figure out that I can't find my ass with a broom handle, and am just making shit up as I go along, but whatevs...

Anna Kristell is a small town gal from southern Indiana with a passion for romance. She has lived in Ohio, Oklahoma, and Texas, but returned to Indiana in 2005, where she resides with her husband. An avid romance reader since her teen years, it has always been her dream to create love stories of her own.

Anna is the author of the Fab Five series from LazyDay Publishing, a continuing dramatic romance series depicting the lives of five women and their families and friends.

She is also the author of several books not in the series, published by Rebel Ink Press, including Unlikely Lovers, Sunny’s Love, and Remember Our Promise, which is the first in the Promises Trilogy. Rebel Ink Press has also released three novellas, A Holiday Hideaway, If You Love Me, and its sequel, A Woman Like Her.

When she is not writing, Anna can be found at her day job in the billing department of a local community mental health center, reading, traveling, or spending time with family and friends. Anna has a grown daughter and son and five grandchildren.

You may contact her at:

Anna’s spicier side is Isabella Kole, who writes for Blushing Books. You can find her at:

Anna’s latest release:

A Dangerous Road To Destiny (Fab Five Series Book Seven)
The Fab Five are back, and another O’Grady employee needs their assistance.

Joanna Barnes and Marcos Avila mix like oil and water. When the restaurant he works for in Dallas sends him to Houston to open a new Chloe’s Place in a hotel chain, Marcos meets Miss Barnes, who gets under his skin from the start. Joanna works for the hotel, and when she tries to tell him how to do his job, it infuriates him. When both their employers have to order them to get along on the job it becomes evident that they might like each other a little more than they are letting on. Both Joanna and Marcos scoff at the idea.

Joanna has been hurt in love and would like to find a man she can count on. She begins to see that she does indeed have feelings for Marcos, but starts dating Greg Grayson, whom she met on an online dating site instead, thinking he is the safer choice. Marcos could easily break her heart.

Greg Grayson, however, is not who he appears to be. When Joanna and Greg meet and begin dating, Marcos is concerned. Seeking the help of his respected employer, Ryan O’Grady, the two men have Mr. Grayson investigated, and what they find doesn’t bode well for Miss Barnes.

Realizing his feelings for Joanna go much deeper than he cares to admit, Marcos sets out to change her mind about him and about Greg. But that day, Joanna finds herself in a dangerous position; will Marcos get to her in time? Will the couple finally realize their destiny, or will Greg make sure it never happens?

You can find all of Anna’s books on Amazon, ibooks, ARe and Barnes & Noble.

Isabella’s latest release:
Submitting To Bryan

Janis Lincoln found the man of her dreams in handsome co-worker, Bryan Walsh, until he tells her exactly the type of marriage he expects. She is shocked. Can she submit completely to him? A free spirit, she balks at his first attempt to discipline her.

Returning to her old college crowd and an old flame, she finds herself caught up in the club scene once more. Realizing her heart is with Bryan, she nearly loses her life before she has a chance to decide if she can be the kind of wife he wants.

When the couple announces their engagement to his parents, another storm is brewing. Janis is not the girl they’ve chosen for their son. On Thanksgiving night when Jan walks in on her fiancé and the girl his parents want their son to marry, she bolts a second time and calls off the wedding.

Will Bryan be able to convince Janis she is the only one for him? Can Janis submit completely to Bryan?

This and Isabella’s first book, Accepting His Terms can be found on Amazon, ibooks, and Barnes & Noble.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Indie Author Spotlight -- Angels and Sinners Anthology -- Stacy Moran

I'm continuing on with my own little thing, my spotlight on all the authors in the Angels Sinners anthology.  All of the proceeds of this are going to US Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8790, so I have a huge desire to see it do well.  It should be mentioned though, that the books being featured on these spotlights are not necessarily what's published in the anthology.  To read those, you'll have to get the book.  ;)

Beyond the Myth -- by Stacy Moran
(The Myth Series)
In a land of myths and legends, a war unseen from mankind raged among two races the Raka Diavols and the Saka Witches. 
The son of the Raka Diavol King, Zakah Sange was born into a world of dark magick. He was inscrutable, dangerously sexy and running from the infamous history of his bloodline. Zakah used power and control to shape himself into a hard and cunning man. He became a warrior, a weapon and the master of his own violent nature lurking within.

Sorina Ruzicka, the great-granddaughter of the Egyptian God Akhekh. She was born into a legacy of magickal gifts and with a destiny she had no desire to fulfill. As a blues singer, Sorina’s voice was a blend of innocence and seduction that left her audience captivated. After years touring, she returned home, craving the seclusion of the mountains in her homeland Romania.
A chance meeting forced Zakah and Sorina into the war raging between their families and the battle of their lives. Trusts will be broken, lines will be crossed and a fate neither of them expected will be played out..

Author Bio
Stacy was born in West Virginia but now finds herself living in Texas. She has loved writing since the first grade when she completed her first book, The Land without Rules. Her mother will tell you it was a brilliant book.
Throughout her school years she was in journalism and has been an avid reader of all literature. She has always craved the feeling of discovering an author's world for the first time. Now she devotes her time
to creating her own worlds. Stacy focuses mainly on paranormal romance and poetry. She loves creating dominant male characters and headstrong females for her books. 
Stacy now finds herself on a new journey and finally has taken the leap to go after her dreams. She recently finished a poetry book, Whispers in the Dark with two fellow authors and finished her first novel Blood Myth in her Myth Series.


There was an unexpected silence. Everything stilled, and the Raka backed away, clearing a path. Tanerk had arrived. Their leader, their king had joined the battle. It was hard not to be in awe of Tanerk. His ancient power radiated from him. His handsome face sneered, showing his disgust and contempt of not only the Saka but his Raka. “Pathetic, this is not finished yet?” Tanerk’s eyes glowed. He turned from Zakah and focused on Gavril.
His gaze fell on the Saka Guardian. “We meet again. You do not look well, Saka.”
“Looks can be deceiving,” Gavril answered.
“I had hoped you would be here today.” Tanerk moved slowly toward Lilith. His harsh eyes never left Gavril’s.
Gavril pushed past a grouping of Raka, placing himself in front of his sister. “I’m thrilled I made your day.”
Tanerk lifted his head, taking in the sounds of his Raka hissing. “They are eager to kill you, Saka. They would fight one another for the honor of slaying the Guardian. Such power one must have to create such hatred. How does it feel to have so many despise your very existence?” The leader of the Raka’s lips curved into a cruel, sinister grin.
“You should know that feeling well.” Gavril’s voice was low but carried power and authority.
Tanerk smiled. “Oh, but you are wrong. Yes, the Saka hate my existence, but you, the Saka Guardian, are hated even among your own kind. Why do you bother to protect a race who cannot even look you in the eye?”
Sorina’s breath caught in her throat. She knew Tanerk was a master manipulator and capable of finding one’s innermost hidden struggles. It was how he was able to turn the Saka; he worked on their doubts, their insecurities. Gavril would not be normal if he was not angry with his place in the Sabat or in this world. He protected the Saka and made the hard decisions in life to guard the innocent beings of the world. Her uncle fought and lived alone. He had no one to come home to. She didn’t remember him ever having a woman in his life or real friends.
Gavril knew his eyes blazed with hatred as he stepped closer to Tanerk. The movement triggered a restless murmuring of the Raka, and they pressed forward until Tanerk held up his hand. The revulsion Gavril felt for Tanerk was so strong that he knew everyone could feel it. The need to kill Tanerk created an energy that felt like it was alive. The Raka King remained calm while Gavril was on the edge of violence.
“There will be no Saka left when I am finished. Your women will be the mothers of the new generation of Raka.” Tanerk licked his lips in anticipation. “Mmm, who should I start with, the supposed Queen of the Saka or the High Priestess?” He winked at Lilith. “Biankha wants you, Priestess; she has a score to settle.” He glanced at Nikolette briefly. “That one is almost ready, is she not, Guardian?”
Zakah glanced at Sorina. She stood beside Afina. Nikolette was behind them with Zampara at her side. Sorina let her thoughts carry to Zakah and the others. She prayed opening up her mind to them would not free her thoughts to Tanerk. I think I can break the shield and free our powers. Bunica, if you and Nikolette help, we can penetrate it faster.
The women all agreed and slowly moved closer to one another while Tanerk was focused on taunting Gavril. Sorina blocked out the rising fear and concentrated on the feel of the shield. It wasn’t much different from normal safeguards, but the spell had been warped for evil purposes. It was still just basic safeguards, and she knew this kind of magick. Nikolette was drawn to weapons and more physical training, while Sorina had practiced witchery and the manipulation of spells in her youth. She’d spent days with her grandmother, learning the art of spell casting and interlacing magick. She raised her hands up to feel the strength of the spell. Afina and Nikolette shielded Sorina from Tanerk and his Raka in hopes of keeping him from seeing what she was doing. Sorina’s hand moved gracefully as she felt the pattern of the barrier blocking their powers.
“Or shall I start with my băiat’s whore?” Tanerk smirked.
NO!  Sorina shouted in Zakah’s head, but it was too late. He had already gripped the hilt of his sword and lunged at his father. He was severely handicapped without the use of his powers, but it did not stop him from going full force at Tanerk.