Monday, May 6, 2013

Different Hats

As an Indie Author with a tiny budget, I wear many hats...Today's hat is the cover design hat.  A lot of authors that I know really enjoy doing their covers, and are very good at them.  I don't mind doing it, but it's certainly not something that I enjoy.  It's more like crafting for me.  I like the idea of it, but when I get started on something, it starts to not look the way I want it to, and then BOOM.  I get mad because I can't make whatever it is do what I want, and I lose my religion.

And I know it's going to happen with Hot Mess.  I have a specific tone I want to set with the cover, and it's not a tone I can do a search for in the stock photo websites, like sexy or loving...I could just hook people with a hot firefighter on the cover, let them read the story, and a third of the way through the book realize that it's going to get much deeper than just flaming hot sex with Sam.  I've actually thought about doing that.  But I want to be more honest with this one.  This particular story is more raw than the others, less superficial, and I would like the cover to reflect that...yet still be sexy, because I think that even with all of it's raw edginess, the book is still hot.

So, I'll be doing stock photo searches this week, hoping to find something that I can work with.  And crossing my fingers that my other computer will be fixed soon, because it has my photo editing software on it...And breathing my way through the process. It needs to look like the other Stories of Serendipity, but not.  I'm not a visual artist, never really have been...My creative talents lie elsewhere.  But I can manage.

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