Saturday, May 4, 2013

Recipes from Chef's Delight...Anyone interested?

A few readers have expressed an interest in recipes from Connor's restaurant, Estelle's from Chef's Delight.  The more I thought about it, the more interesting the idea sounded to me.  I've always been told I was a good cook, I enjoy trying new things in the kitchen, and it's almost as enjoyable for me as reading.  Almost...

My college room mate used to brag to her friends that I could do more with a box of mac and cheese than anybody else in the world.  My husband tells me my food is wonderful, and honestly the only thing that I've ever cooked that he didn't eat was a failed experiment with peanuts, an attempt at a meatless meatloaf that the dog wouldn't even eat.  I've done food for friends' parties, and helped with my father-in-law's catering business.  The only cooking endeavor I've ever failed at (besides the peanut loaf) is finding something that both satisfied my need for creativity in the kitchen with my children's need for familiar food out of a box.  Oh well, they'll grow up eventually, right?

So my first foray into experimenting with Connor's recipes was a success:  Artichoke and chevre stuffed chicken breasts.  They were very tasty.  I wanted to wrap them in prosciutto, but alas, Serendipity is modeled after the small town I live in, and prosciutto was nowhere to be found.  Maybe when I'm taking pictures for the cookbook, I'll drive to the city to get what I need for the recipes I want to use.

I'm killing you aren't I?

So I thought I might post the recipes as I create them.  Since both Connor and Estelle's are figments of my imagination, the recipes are also.  Granted, I did use pinterest for some inspiration, but I'm going to make the recipes up as I go along, test them on my guinea pigs,, and then put them in the cookbook.  I was planning on going ahead an posting the chicken recipe, but I seem to have lost the notebook that I wrote it in...So, until then...

I'll leave you to drool.

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