Pierce Securities Series  

a few misfits and their office manager band together to get into more trouble than they anticipate, in this new series by Anne Conley.  

Standalone Novels  

These are no part of any series, and each have their own HEA, cuz that's how I roll...

Stories of Serendipity 

Escape to a small town in Texas with real people, real jobs, and real problems. 

The Stories of Serendipity are a series of stand-alone novels you can read in order or not, depending on how you feel.  They all have happily ever after endings, and are cliff-hanger free.  Tired of reading about twenty something year old jet-setters who wear shoes that cost more than you make in a month?  Are you over the billionaire playboy sweeping the virgin off her feet?  Sick of serial romances that cost .99 each, and by the time you've read the whole story, you've invested ten bucks?  Or more?  I'm not knocking those books, I read them and enjoy them, but every now and then I want to take a trip to Serendipity, Texas.


The Four Winds Series 

A Paranormal Romance dealing with the Archangels.  

They are the biblical archangels, so there are aspects of Christianity in them.  But the conflict in the stories are about the archangels falling in love and turning human, so they are dealing with human emotions and feelings.  Due to various reactions of shock and outrage, I feel the need to put the spoiler out there:  These books have sex in them, but also Christianity.  So if either of those bother you, please don't buy these books.

 Falling for Cyn, the riveting final installment, completes the series!


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