Saturday, May 25, 2013

I've been called crazy before...

Yesterday, I took a chance.  I gave away almost a hundred copies of one of my books, readers' choice.  Every person that wanted a copy had to "like" my facebook page, go to my website, choose a book, and then message me through facebook, or send me an email before midnight last night.

This accomplished multiple things for me.  I increased my "likes" on facebook, so more people will get to read my daily progress updates, as well as snippets, and stuff.  Then I increased traffic to my website and blog.  Yay me!  In addition to that, I started a dialogue with each and every person that messaged me.  I asked them to leave reviews, good or bad, but if they were bad, to make them constructive.  I also asked that if the book wasn't their cup of tea to not review it at all.

If a quarter of them leave reviews, I'm in good shape.  At any rate, my goal was met.  I reached more people in one day than I thought was possible at this stage in my career.  Hopefully, this will have some long-term results that will be positive.

Next week, I will be running a series of guest blog posts about writing while wearing the Mommy hat.  I have a few exciting posts lined up.  Stay tuned!

Have a great and safe holiday weekend, everybody!

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