Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Reader groups

Reader groups go back to as far as the Protestant church.  That's sort of what Sunday school is, isn't it?  A group of people getting together to discuss a written body.  Of course, modern times have evolved the reader group into a gathering involving wine, themes, and shenanigans, but the common denominator will always be books.

Facebook has allowed for different sorts of reader groups.  Tarryn Fisher has themed days, Colleen Hoover has all the people, Mae Wood has a lot of drink recipes, DILF sightings in the wild, and reader takeovers on Fridays.  Girls Gone Reading has a different author every day, almost.  Anything goes.

For the reader, each group is different.  Ideally, they're a place readers can go and talk books without inhibitions, or fear of judgement.  They can discuss all the smut in the world, if that's what they like to read.  They can talk spoilers.  They have a place to go, a group of their own people.  Their tribe.

That's my goal with my own reader group, The Conley Corner.  It's a place to talk about my writing, the men of Pierce Securities, the models who grace the covers, other books we enjoy reading, and other stuff.  We play games, we ask questions, the group names characters, there are discussions about things that bother/thrill us about writing and books in general.

It's a small group, but those women are mighty, and I love them.

Feel free to join us!  Introduce yourself.  Bring a beverage.  We don't bite.


Saturday, July 8, 2017

All. The. Things.

Being an author is overwhelming at times, especially when I take marketing aspects into account.  As if my brain weren't nuts enough in there.  My husband calls me a highly-organized schizophrenic.  I'm not sure that's exactly what I am, but there has to be some sort of personality disorder name for having literally dozens of people/lives/backstories/motivations running around in my head.  Not to mention the fictional worlds I've built to house them all, because aside from Pierce Securities being set in Austin, I've ficionalized the towns of the rest of my series(es).

So, here I am on a Saturday afternoon, when I really should be doing stuff with my kids.  But they're busy with their iPads, and I'm plotting.  Planning.

Oh!  I got a new planner!  It's pretty exciting, and I can't wait for a new week to start so I can start filling it out.  I designed it myself, and pestered my formater, Deena Rae, to make it a reality.  If you'd like a copy of it, check out Anne's Book of Shit to do and Brain Farts on Amazon.  Or you can get the generic version, without my name on it.   http://amzn.to/2sBLjqc

But right now, I'm almost finished with the rough draft of Seek.  Then I'm going to go over it again before sending it to betas.  Then I'll be working on Hitch.  Then Echo.  They should all be at betas soon.  After that, or during that, I have to finish the draft of Susan Stoker's next Kindle World Launch story.  That's due out in November.  I have a release due in January, that's part of a #MeetCute collaboration, and an entire series needs to be released back to back in 2018.  I'm not sure I can do it all, but on paper it looks fucking fantastic!

To get it all done, I need another photo shoot with Stanley and Jeffrey, which I have yet to set up.  I need my brain to function about 40 more hours a week.  I need my kids to leave me alone a little bit longer every afternoon.  I need.  I need.  LOL.  I have to laugh at myself, because now I sound like my kids.

I just have to make it happen, because there's not anybody else to do that for me.

Whining about it does NOTHING to help me.  In fact, it's a bit self-destructive, planting all sorts of negativity in my brain.

So here I am, notebook in hand, making lists.  It's fun.  I'm brainstorming.  I'm working when I shouldn't be.  But I love my job.  And I can't wait to get stuff in hands as soon as it's ready.  I really think you guys are going to like Zack.  You'll get to see his softer side.

Because holy hell, there is one.

Reader Group in Facebook, The Conley Corner