Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#CoverReveal Book Three in the Pierce Securities Series is Coming!!! #RomanticSuspense @anneconley10

Book Three in the Pierce Securities Series by Anne Conley, Click, is coming November 4th!  Mark your calendars!

Jake Callahan has a problem, and the only people who can fix it are the guys with Pierce Securities. Except Jake needs a woman. Miriam Bartoli will happily play the part of a sexy woman to get what the client needs, especially since playing mom to an office full of alpha males and recent surgery has wreaked havoc on her femininity. Can she fight her attraction with the target long enough to get what the client needs? Or will this case of mistaken identity and clicking with the wrong man be the end of her?

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Happy Sunday! #WhatImUpTo #AmWriting #BusyBusyBusy

Happy SUNDAY!!!

I've been so busy lately, I haven't had time to blog much.  I decided to let you guys in on what all's been keeping me so busy, so you can understand.

The Pierce Securities books have been a HUGE hit, and are selling like crazy, which has been amazing.  I've been trying to keep up with fan's demands for more, and am currently working on the rough draft to Zack's story, Seek.  I quit smoking in March, and had a rough period where I couldn't write anything from an outline.  A new character came alive in my head, so I wrote him instead, and VOILA!  Jordan happened, so Pierce Securities is now a seven book series, and I'm okay with that.  Here's the reading order, if you're interested.

Craze  (out now)
Wire  (out now)
Click (Out November 4)
Grab  (Jordan's story, Out Jan 2016)
Seek  (2016)
Murmur (2016)
Echo  (2016)

AND in the midst of all that, I got a ridiculous idea for a new series, which will also be started early 2016.  I have the first rough draft written, and it's LOOOOOOONG, but it's going to be good, I hope.  It's a genre-bender: a small-town contemporary romance, with a suspense plot twisting around in there, as well as a kicking historical component.  I don't have a blurb yet, but it's coming along faster than I anticipated, so all that should be coming soon.

I finished the Four Winds Series, so Falling for Cyn is live on Amazon now.  I'm having the entire series re-formatted for your reading pleasure, so look for a new push for the entire series soon.  In the meantime, I have this cool graphic to share...ain't it pretty?

I'm currently in THREE anthologies, so several of my books are available for download at .99 if you're interested in reading them along with discovering some new authors.

For contemporary romance fans, The Fixer Upper is in Affairs of the Heart

For paranormal romance fans, Falling for Heaven is in By Moonlight

And for romantic suspense lovers, Craze is in What to Read After Fifty Shades of Gray, Sexy Suspense Boxed Set

So with four rough drafts working, a new series swirling around, and all the other hooplah that goes with things, I gotta say, I'm busy, but busy is great.  NO COMPLAINTS!

And in the midst of all this, I have a 79-year-old mother, two kids, and a hub-meister who all demand the utmost care, which I endeavor to half-heartedly give.  So life happens as well.

My blog has suffered, but I'm trying to do better.  I'll be updating my homepage soon, and posting a new first chapter.  So tell me.  Do you want the first chapter of the new series?  Or Zack's story?  Tell me in the comments, and one random commenter will win an e-book of Craze (if you haven't read it, if you have, you can choose another of my titles)  Let me hear from you!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Margaret Madigan's Latest #CoverReveal #CantWait Hunter the #SexyCEO


HUNTER is the first book in the new Caine Brothers series of erotic romance novellas by Margaret Madigan. Look for it to release October 19, 2015.


When Hunter takes over the CEO position at his father's multi-billion dollar real estate development company, he also inherits his father's sexy blonde personal assistant, Allison.

Allison doesn't appreciate being passed around like property. When she meets Hunter, though, sparks fly. He's gorgeous, but she's ready to resign, until he proves he's not the misogynistic  boss his father was.

Hunter's considering the purchase of a resort in Costa Rica. It's currently a couples-only resort, so he asks Allison to go undercover with him, posing as newlyweds. Allison's skeptical, but it's a free trip to Costa Rica, and Hunter's easy on the eyes, so why not?

Those sparks turn into raging hot flames as Hunter and Allison explore the resort--and each other--and discover that what happens in Costa Rica may or may not actually stay in Costa Rica.



     Hunter went right back into the bathroom to do whatever he intended to do to get that roaring erection under control.  Allison pondered following him and helping him out, one way or another.

    Two things stopped her; first, her legs were so weak from that flipping amazing orgasm that she didn’t think she could walk across the room, and secondly, the anticipation of owing him heated her all over again.

    While he’d showered the first time, she’d moved all their luggage to the closet. Now, she went to find a dry pair of panties.

    She changed them and sat on the bed, waiting for Hunter and remembering his fingers on her and in her. The ghost of his touch still lingered on her skin and in the receding pulse of her orgasm.

    If that was just a sample of what they’d do to each other, she didn’t need to sleep on it. To hell with caution, she was ready for more.

    But apparently he’d decided they’d stick to the agreement.

    It didn’t take long for him to finish in the bathroom, and when he left the bathroom this time, he looked like he could barely contain his triumph. Like by making her come like that he’d proven some primal point. Like he’d achieved a coup, vanquished a rival, swept in and made a hostile takeover. He puffed his chest, threw his shoulders back, and pretty much strutted into the room.

    “Kinda proud of yourself there, chief?” she asked.

    “Maybe a little. Where’s my suitcase?”

    She pointed at the closet. He went in and rummaged, coming out with charcoal slacks and a blue shirt. He laid everything out on the bed, then paused.

    “There are four restaurants here. Any idea what you’re hungry for?” she asked.

    “Seriously, you have to ask?”

    She looked at him, saw the unfiltered lust in his eyes, and remembered he still hadn’t been properly taken care of. A little bit of waiting wouldn’t hurt Mr. I-get-everything-I-want-when-I-want-it CEO. Might build some character.

    “Patience is a virtue, you know.”

    “I don’t like to wait.”

    “Waiting makes everything better.”


    “You’ll see.”

    He rolled his eyes, and she smiled. This weekend could be a lot of fun.

    “Are you going to sit there while I dress?” he asked.

    “Do you want me to?”

    “Yes. But if you do, we won’t be waiting for tomorrow. If I get naked with you now, you’d better be ready to skip dinner and forget about sleep for most of the night.”

    “Well, then. I’ll step out and let you dress. Because I’m starving.”


    She slid off the bed, laughing at his fake insult. As she passed him on the way to the door, she grabbed the edge of his towel and yanked it off.

    He growled and reached for her, but she squealed and ran for the living room. She flopped onto the couch, giggling like a little girl, but when she looked back to the bedroom Hunter stood in the doorway, naked as the day he was born, the single most glorious man she’d ever had the privilege to witness in the nude.

    He’d reached up and hooked his fingers over the top of the door jamb, and lounged there casually displaying himself for her perusal. She had no doubt he meant for her to understand what she was missing. Her skin tingled, and her mouth watered in appreciation. She’d need to change her panties again.

    Tall, tan, lean, and hung, Hunter made the perfect argument without even saying a word.

    “Wow.” How she managed even one coherent word, she had no idea.

    He grinned. “Damn right, wow.”

    “Ego much?”

    He shrugged and turned back to the bedroom, giving her a great view of his ass.

    Waiting for tomorrow would be a serious challenge, but she didn’t like to lose any more than he did, so she’d wait. Until then, she’d have as much fun teasing him as possible.

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