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To Steal a Highlander's Heart - by Samantha Holt

Alana sets eyes on Morgann for the first time in several years and what does he do? He captures her! But Alana refuses to go meekly with the sexy Highland warrior. Her kidnapping will reignite the rift that’s existed between the two clans since her father accused Morgann of theft and she doesn’t want to see her father harmed in the inevitable war that will ensue.

Unfortunately for Alana, the faeries seek to interfere with her plans to escape. The sidhe have a debt to repay and Tèile, the green faery, is determined to mend the rift between the clans for good. And that means ensuring Alana and Morgann marry.

Morgann has his own reasons for taking Alana and they are nothing to do with marriage or war. He wants to use her to reveal a secret from the past, the one that had him accused of theft. If only he didn’t find his childhood friend so attractive. When circumstances force them together, Alana’s life is threatened and war is imminent. Can Morgann reveal the truth without losing Alana? And will the faeries meddling help or hinder his cause?

I had the pleasure of interviewing Samantha Holt, and discovered that we actually have bunches in common, as far as our strengths, motivations, and inspiration go.  I really wish I'd gotten a copy of this one to review, but I'll kick myself for that one for awhile...

Describe your writing process. 

I’d say I’m normally a pantser. I think things over a bit in my head and then force myself to write at least 2000 words a day, often completely out of order. It’s not usually any more exciting than that.

What motivates you to sit down and write?

Money! Well, this is my job and my royalties help support my family so if I didn’t write, we’d be out on the streets LOL. But also the words burning in my head would drive me insane. I love it and it’s a bit like an addiction. You can’t get enough of it once you get started.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Who knows? I visit a lot of historical sites and it helps but I’m pretty someone comes and sprinkles me with magical inspiration dust at 2am as that’s usually when they come about. To Steal a Highlander’s Heart was something I’d wanted to for a while and I’d picked up a book about faeries not long ago. So that kind of pushed the direction of the story.

Do you have any writers that you consider mentors?

I don’t know that I have any ‘mentors’ as such but I have some close writer friends who always give me a boot up the backside when I’m having a moan or help me work things out when I’m in a muddle. They are amazing and I had to acknowledge them in To Steal a Highlander’s Heart. I don’t do acknowledgments often. I never know what to say but it had to be done.

What do you think your greatest strength is in your writing?

I’m stubborn. It means I won’t give up. It can be easy to be ready to chuck it all in when things get tough but my stubborn mentality won’t let me.

Do you ever experience writer's block? How do you get through it?

I get burned out a lot but rarely actually blocked. If I write a huge amount in a day it tends to drain me and I get into a mood where I feel a bit like a whining teenager. ‘I don’t wanna do this anymore!’ Having a realistic word count target and recognizing when I’m genuinely drained helps. I sometime run two projects at one so switching keeps things fresh too.

Tell us about your favorite character from the book. 

I love Morgann from To Steal a Highlander’s Heart but actually Teile, the green faery, is probably my favourite. She likes a good drink and a party but she has a good heart, even if she is a little vain. Hey, she’s a faery so I think she’s allowed to be! She’ll be returning to me one day to give a secondary character, Finn, a HEA.

Do you have any words of advice or encouragement for other writers who are looking to publish?

Find someone you trust who can read over your stuff or even just encourage you. There’s plenty of groups where you can meet people like that. Writers are terribly emotional by nature and get discouraged easily so having a strong network can help you get through the successes and the, unfortunately, inevitable failures.

How do you market your work?

With a lot of work. I blog, Facebook, Twitter etc. I probably devote a good few hours every day to marketing. It’s got to be done and I do enjoy the business side of writing most of the time.

Do you have a current work in progress? Can you tell a little bit about it?

I have two. I’m about halfway through Borderland Betrayal, which is the third (and final *sob* in the Borderland Legacy series. It’s set in a Northumbria, on the English borders and one of the characters, Captain James, who cropped up in the other two is finally getting his HEA. He meets a vibrant lady, Ellise, who tests his rigid ideas on life and drives him pretty crazy!

I am also working on a contemporary romance. It’s vague at the moment but the hero is a soldier and the heroine an ex-army wife. I’ve been wanting to use my experience as a military wife for a while.

Thanks so much for hosting me today, Anne!

You can purchase To Steal a Highlander's Heart HERE

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Giselle Marks, New Author Spotlight, and Review

I just love a book with a strong heroine.  Throw in a little history and I'm all over it.  Ms. Marks Regency romance, The Fencing Master's Daughter, in that respect, does not disappoint.  

The Fencing Master's Daughter is beautifully written by a clearly un-American author, which is refreshing.  Her language flows in a way that is a delight to read, with gobs of subtle tongue-in-cheek humor.  Ms. Marks sets the tone through vivid setting descriptions as well as lovely narrative.  Intricate plotting and vivid secondary characters  shine through in this story, and the descriptions of food are very well done.  I ate the entire time I read this.

There were a couple of things I didn't care for.  The book was narrative heavy, without enough dialogue, and I never really felt like I connected to the main characters.  However, in the end, I was rooting for them, so there must have been some connection.

Overall, this book has a lot of promise, and I'm eagerly anticipating Ms. Marks next story.

BUY on Amazon

Describe your writing process. 

The most honest answer to this question is inconsistent.  Once I have an idea, I let my mind pull it about until I have a plot or story and characters.  When it has shaped up into a decent story, then I will start to type either an essay plan or the beginning of the story.  In the context of Regency Romances I will then try to do my research about anywhere or anything mentioned in the story to try to get my facts correct and authentic. I try to check all facts during and at the end of the writing process. 

Whether I write an essay plan depends on the aimed for length and the complexity of the story or book.  If no computer is available I may even write a first draft long hand.  “The Fencing Master’s Daughter” had not much of an Essay Plan, 

What motivates you to sit down and write?

My characters do.  If they want me to write the scenes of their stories then they will intrude on my thoughts until I actually give them shape in writing.  I argue with them continuously when I am writing a long piece.  They may even alter my essay plans and insist to run their own lives. Basically once the characters are decided, they largely decide what is written although I do not include all the scenes they tell me about.

Where does your inspiration come from?

I have always written whether fact or fiction.   I enjoy the process of polishing something so it is a pleasure to read and appropriate for the purpose for which the writing was intended.  But inspirations can come from anything.  Something I’ve read or heard, a dream, someone I’ve seen and some mornings I just wake up with a new story started in my head or a scene from my WIP that hadn’t been coming simply there ready to write.  Then I get straight on and get a first draft down as quickly as possible.

What do you think your greatest strength is in your writing?

I write good enjoyable to read English but I think my strengths lie in character and plot building.  Once I have worked out my main characters and found a scene to thrust them into, then I can sort out the intricacies of the other characters, the reasons and back story behind getting the characters to that situation.  Then I move forward and allow their lives to follow the twists and turns of fate or my essay plan.

Do you ever experience writer's block?  How do you get through it?

I don’t believe in the concept of Writer’s Block.  I think it is a negative term and self-fulfilling.  I think to write anything you need to have “Thinking Time.”  This is time when the story is not ready to be written.  So you let the ideas and characters sort it out by themselves. Meanwhile you get on with something else.  You can write something different, edit a previous piece of work, beta or proof read, answer your emails or read a book.  If the story still remains in limbo then do the chores you’ve been putting off.  Chores completed? Reread your work in progress that is causing you a problem editing and proof reading as you go.  If when you reach the end of your piece nothing still comes then go back through your list of what else needs to be done and get on with something.  By the third read through I usually find the writing flows.  In the case that it still doesn’t then I write on the bottom of the piece what I plan for the characters to do next and list any plot problems that might be limiting the flow.  Then I save and quit for the day.  The next morning I sit down and write the scene over the top of my plot criticisms.  It will probably not be very good, but each time I return to it I’ll rewrite the offending portion until it fits in.

Tell a little about the work you are publishing.
The Fencing Master’s Daughter is a Regency Romance written in fairly traditional style.  It has just been released by Front Porch Romance on Ebooks but may be available as print in a few months’ time. Madelaine, my heroine is not a submissive Regency damsel.  She is fairly independent and wants to earn a sufficient income to help support her beloved father in his old age.  Louis runs a small fencing sale in London. The Fencing Master’s Daughter starts with the hero Edward Charrington, Earl of Chalcombe walking home to Grosvenor Square alone.  He becomes slightly lost and is set upon by footpads.  Edward tries to defend himself but is bludgeoned to the ground.  Despairing for his life, he realizes they are not alone, and the most beautiful girl he has ever seen appears accompanied by an ugly fat little man.

With no expectation of rescue Edward watches amazed as the young woman picks up his dropped foil and dispatches the first felon.  Then swiftly disarms and injures a second.  Meanwhile the ugly fat man belabours the third villain with the stout stick he carries. The incongruous couple help Edward to safety, taking him home.  They refuse all rewards and leave no address where they can be reached. But Edward has seen a glimpse of Madelaine’s face and is smitten. The story continues through Edward’s pursuit of the reluctant Madelaine and of the mysterious enemy who is trying to have him killed.

Tell us about your favourite character from the book.  

I find it difficult to pick one character over another, I love them all.  I have already told you about Madelaine and Edward’s introduction and the beginnings of their romance.  I mentioned Louis who is an enigma in himself. Then there is the mysterious Mr. Grey and the sinister despicable French spy Major Furet but I think I shall tell you a little about the ugly little fat man.  

Henri is in name Louis’s manservant and cook. Absolutely loyal to Louis and Madelaine he had tied his colours to Louis’s coattails as a youth.  They travelled through Europe together for most of their lives. A brilliant and inventive cook, I have modelled his cooking style on the Prince-Regent’s French chef Marie-Antoine Carême.  In my second Regency Romance, ” The Marquis’s Mistake”, which will be released in December by Front Porch Romance, a different couple’s romance unfolds.  But some of the characters from “The Fencing Master’s Daughter” are there in support, so we learn Henri is friendly with Carême and knew him in Paris years before.

Do you have any words of advice or encouragement for other writers who are looking to publish?  

I have been writing in many forms for a long time in many forms; in government, business, journalism, technical writing and fiction.  Any experience or information you acquire during your lives can be used in your writing.  If you are determined to write, whether for publication or your own pleasure then you will do so and it will bring you much frustration and joy.  
What you write can always be improved.  The problem is deciding when to finally let go and allow others to read it.  Do not write in a vacuum.  If those nearest to you do not understand your obsession, then seek readers and advice from other writers. If you work hard at your stories, the writing will improve.  Although reading some writing techniques may assist in that process.  I especially recommend Robb Grindstaff, writer and editor whose blogs and articles on the writing process I find useful.

How do you market your work?  

The contracts I have got have been achieved by contact with publishers on Facebook.  I have messaged them and asked for their submissions pages and then tried to follow their guidelines.  I then sent my book file with an attached email to their submissions’ department. I have seen and read the modern US instructions on how to write a query letter.  I have not found it any help to me.  My emails accompanying my tales have been straight forward business letters.  My work stands or falls on its own merits, although I have written blurbs or summaries when requested by the publisher. There is no point sending a story that is the wrong length to a publisher who specifies what length they require.   Or hoping they will not notice that it does not fit their guidelines in some way.

I would then format my stories to the shape they required.  I have had my share of rejections and have been very diffident about making the huge step towards becoming a published author.  I was offered a contract by Front Porch Romance and they have accepted two Regency Romances that I have written.  

I then found a new publisher who accepted my Fantasy/sci-fi series with some erotic content.  I wrote a short story called Lucy and a friend recommended I sent it to Nevermore Press who accepted it three days after I completed it.  Nevermore said they would be interested in publishing anything else I wrote. Unfortunately the very new publisher did not survive to publish my “Zeninan Saga” so I honestly offered it to them and they are now looking at editing it.  I expect some rewrites because of the content and the complex nature of the saga.  Publishing dates have not yet been decided, but they have the first four books in the series to prepare.  I am about half through the 14th series which you could say is technically my main work in progress. 

What genres do you write in and do you intend to write in any other genres in future?

So far I have written Historical Regency Romances, Fantasy, Sci-fi/Fantasy with erotic content and a short story which is Fantasy/ Erotica.  My current plans are to finish the 14th in the Fantasy series and get on with a third Regency novel which in its infancy “The Compromised Rake.”  I have a couple of shorter stories part written that will fill in any Thinking Time I may have and an idea for a YA fantasy series.  I may write some Romances set in earlier historical periods but currently have no intention to write contemporary Romance.  I don’t think my imagination is dark enough for serious horror but if an idea for a piece of writing in any genre comes to men then I will be driven to do my best to write it until it satisfies me.

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Templand and Permland Spotlight 9/25

Amazon Buy Link

Templand Blurb:

The heroine, Melanie Evers, is a plucky young working-class
woman from Akron, Ohio struggling to support herself in Chicago in the
post-9-11 economy. TEMPLAND follows Melanie's journey through the temporary
employment world from a college student on "just a summer job" to a
28-year-old woman with a lot of intelligence (and a heap of student loan debt
to match) through multiple layoffs and a series of ever-more-wacky temp
assignments, as she struggles not only to survive, but also to find romance and
always remain true to the honest, working-class values instilled in her by her
beloved grandfather.

In her long, solitary journey through Templand, Melanie encounters adventure
and romance on her search for that always-elusive Permanent Job---which she
finally gets, along with her man. TEMPLAND is a highly entertaining, wickedly
funny social satire, contemporary romance, and mystery novel all rolled into

Amazon Buy Link

Permland Blurb:

It’s the beginning of 2003, a few months after the end of TEMPLAND. Melanie
Evers is back as she struggles under the insane demands of her long-sought
Permanent Job.  Now a human resources
executive at Marquette Bank, what started out as a cushy well-paid job turns
into a nightmare when her company is bought out by a Dutch conglomerate.  Melanie gets sent on a new series of wacky
adventures as she tries to keep her head above water while her crazy new boss
Pietra controls her every move, the Iraq War begins, and her boyfriend Dave is
called up by the Army reserves to fight overseas. Is permanent employment
really all it’s cracked up to be?

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Love Interrupted, by AJ Warner: Spotlight and Author Interview


Logan Brooks and Andrew Eastin shared a once in a lifetime love. After losing her parents and overcoming many obstacles, she could not handle the possibility of losing him, too. She loved him enough to walk away, for both of their sakes.

As tragedy strikes again, Logan is on a downward spiral. Andrew knows she needs protection from herself, and he needs to love her through it, even if only from a distance.

When fate intervenes and allows them a second chance at love, will Logan and Andrew risk it? The Attraction is undeniable. The sexual tension, relentless. She is everything he has ever wanted. He sweeps her off her feet, renewing all that was lost.

Andrew promised her forever, but can words ever be enough? Can love prevail when life has different plans—bringing on more pain and emotions than imaginable? When lies and deceit corrupt the one thing sacred to them, plans will be ruined, promises will be
broken, and hearts will be shattered.

What happens when the unknown threatens all of their dreams? Will Logan and Andrew survive their love, interrupted?

Author Links


A.J. was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas. Four years ago, she relocated to the Dallas/Fort Worth area with her husband and four wonderful children, Hayden (15), Jacob (13), Riley (11), and Isaiah (10).

A.J. is passionate about working with people with disabilities, and has a long time love of working with munchkins. She currently owns and operates a childcare facility in North Central Texas.

When she is not busy breaking up fights about who is mom’s favorite, or who ate the last bowl of Fruity Pebbles, A.J. enjoys reading and writing. She also likes chatting and laughing with her book club friends. Love Interrupted is her first book and she is currently working on her second and third novels.

Interview with the Author

What sparked your interest in becoming a romance writer? 

I’ve always written, but put it on hold when I had children. My daughter actually encouraged me to pick it back up.

What was the first romance novel you read that made an impression on you?

Everyone says Fifty Shades, and I have to admit it rekindled my love for reading.

Tell us 5 surprising things about yourself.
  1. I’m thirty years younger than my husband. 
  2. I’m training for my first 5k. 
  3. I work in a tiny closet space like Harry Potter. 
  4. Some of my closest friends I’ve met online. 
  5. I don’t own cowboy boots.

What is your writing environment?  

Picture Harry Potter’s closet.

One of your favorite quotes. 

It is what it is.

Who is your perfect hero? And why?

My Perfect hero, my daughter, Hayden. She’s wise beyond her years. She’s only 15 and has the heart of an angel, loves wholly, purely, and unconditionally. She constantly puts others before herself. Secretly I want to be her when I grow up.

Which authors have caught your interest lately? Why?

Althea Romig- Her books Consequences and Truth took me for a ride, and I’m dying for Convicted. MJ Carnal’s books are awesome! Then there’s Sarah Dosher’s  Haven from The Storm…LOVE! There are so many.

What type of book have you always wanted to write?

I’ve always wanted to write a murder mystery. Very twisted.

Who are your dream dinner party guests?

That’s a tough one. I’d have to say all authors, and their muses.

What’s the last movie you watched and loved? 

Safe Haven.

Top Three Things on Your Bucket List

  1. Kiss my husband at the foot of the Eifel Tower
  2. Surf in Hawaii, and no joke
  3. make the New York Times Best Sellers list.

How did you get the idea for this particular novel?  

I had an Andrew once. I wanted to give him the life he never got to have. Not just the hearts and flowers, but the chaotic and crazy too.

What is your favorite scene in your new release? 

Definitely the sexting scene.

If you could be one of your characters - Who would you be? And why?

That’s another tough one, I would love to say Jen, because she’s strong and independent. But I’m going to have to go with Logan, because she gets to have more time with Andrew.  

Flirting Questions

Which actor or book character do you have a crush on?  

Josh Duhamel, he’s one sexy funny man.

What’s your favorite body part of the opposite sex? 

I’m going with two, arms and chest.

What does love feel like? 

Overwhelmingly emotional, extremely peaceful yet angsty. It feel intense, lumps in your throat, flutters of excitement in your tummy.
Love feels intense and overwhelming, flutters in your tummy, lumps in your throat.

Hey, baby! What’s your sign? 


When was your last kiss? 

This morning

What’s an absolute no-no in a relationship?

Unfaithfulness. Hands down…no cheating!

How did you meet your significant other? 

Through a family friend.  

What’s your idea of a perfect date? 

Picnic by the lake, with no one else around.

If you could take a romantic trip, where would it be?


Do you believe in love at first sight? 


Flirting Quickies:

Boxers or Briefs?  

Facial hair or clean shaven? 

Clean shaven

Alpha or Beta? 


Planner or Panster? 


White wine or red? 


Coffee or tea? 


Vanilla or chocolate? 


Sweet or salty? 


Sleep in or get up early? 

Sleep in 

Laptop or desktop? 
Beach or mountains? 
Winter or summer? 
Cat or dog?
Twilight or Fifty Shades?
Spotlight or In the Shadows? 
City or Country? 
A little bit of Both
Clubbing or candlelight dinner? 
Candlelight dinner
Backpacking or luxury hotel?
Morning or night person? 
Christmas or Halloween?
Optimist or pessimist? 

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My Mistake -

I have a novella out to beta readers which is coming out for Christmas.  Falling for Grace is with Catherine, and she's working her magic. I was wanting to finish the Christmas novella before I started one of the outlines that I have simmering, because once I start a rough draft, I have a hard time stopping.  Especially one I've been thinking about as much as I have lately.  I knew, I just KNEW that once I started, it would take over.

Because I really want to tell Brent's story.

Brent's story is a common one.  Most addiction in the US today is to pain-killers.  I have some personal experience with dealing with addiction, and it has come up in a few of my stories (Neighborly ComplicationsFalling for Heaven).  I wanted to treat it from the pov of one of the main characters though, and his struggles to stay clean, because I have seen first hand how difficult it is, and how the mistakes made can really twist a person up.  And pain killers are easy to get addicted to, easy to continue getting, and one of the most difficult addictions to treat.

At any rate, I wanted to write this story.  So yesterday, my husband stayed home sick, and was sleeping all morning long, and since I didn't have anything I was working on, my plan had been to clean.  But cleaning is noisy (running all the water, cussing at messes I find that people should have picked up themselves, playing the music at unhealthy decibels), so to save my husband, I decided to start My Mistake, Brent and Casey's story.

Once I started, I couldn't stop.  I didn't stop until it was time to make supper.  I'm am now at 11,000 word count, and a third of the way through my outline.  But I haven't gotten to the hard stuff yet, that's going to happen today, so it won't be as easy today.  Yesterday was building chemistry between the characters, establishing setting, throwing in some backstory, yadda yadda yadda.  The second chapter I write today will find the heart of the conflict, and while I'm not dreading it, I do know it will be a little difficult to write honestly.

But that's what I'm going to try to do.  Last year, I started reading The Walk the Right Road series, and I had to stop.  The writing depicted addiction, and it depicted it well, just not in a way I enjoyed reading.  That sounds strange, but I've been wanting to write a book that did it differently.  I wanted to depict addiction as something to embrace, as a part of a character, because in actuality, that's what it is.  Addiction is part of a person's psyche, it's a big part of who they are.  It can't be defeated completely, but it can be overcome, and managed.

So that's what's on tap for today.  My Mistake, not scheduled to come out until early next year sometime, is going to be (hopefully) a book I can be proud of in a way that my other books haven't touched.  Because this time, it's personal.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sinful Series Spotlight Tour

The Sinful Series by Emma Nichols

Amazon Buy Link


Sin at Sea:

When Alysin decided to surprise her boyfriend at work with dinner, the surprise was on her. Since he was going at it with his secretary on the conference table, she packed a bag and called her BFF. Jolie and Alysin had been traveling the country, working as digital nomads for ten years ever since graduation. Taking this as a sign it was time for a new move, they decided to take a cruise, regroup, and make a plan.

Then she meets Mr. Bedroom Eyes. Following her lead, they pretend to be married so that she can rid herself of the guy who started hitting on her before the boat left the dock. Though it was supposed to be a momentary arrangement, he asks her to take it one step farther. Then another and another. The cruise promises to be memorable in every way that matters. 

Along the way, Alysin learns that she won't have to fake an orgasm if she's with someone who knows what to do, that not all men suck, but the best ones suck really well, and that sometimes what starts out as something pretend, can fast become something completely real. Will the woman who lives life with no regrets, regret that she made that stupid rule about not exchanging names and contact info?

Vixen in Vegas:

It was supposed to be a week of simply being, of living in the moment, and enjoying every minute while it lasted. Of course, that kind of intoxication can have lingering effects. For Sin, she found herself wanting to break all the rules, to extend her time with the stranger who stole her heart. Vegas was just the right kind of place to take such a gamble. Meeting up with BE at the gondolas was a risk. Love went against everything they had promised, but the best things in life can’t be planned.

Soon Alysin will be tested. 

After guarding her heart for so long, she finally let a man in and discovered that the worst things in life happened when she least expected them. When she walked in on BE with another woman and overheard their heated conversation, she suddenly remembered there was a reason she made these rules. 

Will broken rules lead to broken hearts or will she realize that though love was a gamble, she was all in?

Excerpt 1:

I am a runner.  Not an actual runner, like with shoes and sweat.  Instead, I specialize in leaving uncomfortable situations with alarming speed.  Some people need closure; I need space.   When I need this space, I do it in style.  I keep a variety of emergency credit cards at the ready for such an occasion.  This one…was going to require the black card…and my BFF.

Excerpt 2: 

“What are you doing?”  I asked, confused and concerned.  This could go very badly.  I may have misjudged him completely.

“Relax,” he urged.  “I just have one very important question to ask you.  And these things are better said with jewelry than I ever could with words.”

I started to take a second step back.  I’m a runner.  Only he grabbed my hand and halted my escape.

“Will you be my wife for the week?”  He asked.  Then he batted his eyelashes at me. 

It really took all the pressure off.  Throwing my head back, I let out a huge laugh…a combination of relief and pure joy.  “Are you sure you don’t want to date me?  I hear there’s a lot more sex in dating than there is in marriage?”

He stood slowly, contemplating the idea.  “This is true, but since I’ve had no sex with you thus far, any would be an improvement." 

Author Links


What made her decide to be an erotica author?


How else was she going to parlay her two favorite past times into a career?

Emma is single and loving it. Like her first character, Alysin, Sin for short, she doesn't believe in settling or in settling down. She loves to indulge in her passions whenever the mood strikes and enjoys keeping all of life's cliche moments spicy.

Known for her sense of humor, Emma surrounds herself with friends whose antics often become the source of book fodder. Her ideal situation would be to explore the Caribbean while writing. She pursues that dream daily.

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Tis the season

Christmas books are out, and getting a lot of airtime in the Indie circles.  I had decided several months ago, I would have one.  I even wrote a rough draft, and sent it through a beta reader or two.  But it was a little depressing to write, and I hadn't gotten back to it.

See, it was depressing, because it  is about a married couple who has seemingly lost the love, and in desperation, turn elsewhere.  It has a happy ending, and doesn't involve "real" cheating, but it was depressing to write nonetheless.

I am happily married, have been for almost fourteen years.  But every marriage has had it's down times, and focusing on those down times to write this book was sickening.  I am the type of person who doesn't like to dwell on the negative, and that's a real downer when I write.  I have to revisit negative feelings in order to write about them realisticaly, and negative parts of my marriage arent' fun at all.

So, here I am, working on revisions for my holiday novella, and it's just as depressing as writing the damn thing.  It's like pulling teeth, forcing myself to sit down and re-read, and revise what I've written.  Yesterday, I got so frustrated, I got up and got on faceboook and did some marketing for Neighborly Complications.  Last night it was #2 in the free erotica store, that should tell you how I threw myself into it to keep from working on the holiday thing.

Today, I'm not giving myself that option. It's Friday, and I don't work on weekends, so anything I want to get done for the next two days has to be done today.  So I will work on it, and I'll probably be in an atrocious mood later, but that's okay.  It's part of the job.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cover Reveal - Anne Conley's Falling for Grace

Yup, my own cover reveal...Imagine that. Cover design by the lovely and talented Vanessa Booke. Yessir, she's done it again!  Falling for Grace's expected release date is October 15.

Rafael is one of God’s Four Winds, the Archangel of Healing.  He has answered the countless prayers for healing of loved ones, wondering what it was about the emotion that made humans willing to sacrifice so much.

Grace is a lifeguard who has been on Rafe’s radar since she lost a little boy three years ago.  What she doesn’t realize is the green haze that comes over her during a rescue is actually a diving presence who’s about to give up his celestial body to become a very real entity in her life.

While Grace is trying to overcome her own demon, Rafe is discovering his own sexuality, but there’s a darker presence making himself known.  The Deceiver wants what Rafe is getting, and he’ll do whatever it takes to have her.

Excerpt from Falling for Grace:

Rafe was in the bathroom, brushing his teeth the next morning, reflecting on his corporeal body.
Teeth brushing.  That wasn't a normal thing for him.  Neither was showering.  Or shaving.  
Usually, his work was done on a different realm.  He traveled in the cosmic soup, visiting people in their dreams, subconsciously, or their conscious minds.  He became a temporary part of their psyche.  He dropped in on surgeons during surgery, to help guide shaky, sleep-deprived hands.  Rafe had passed out ideas to the stumped healers, in a sudden flash of brilliance.  He visited dreams.  He was responsible for many 'Eureka!' moments.  
Rarely, had he come to earth in a human body.  He'd been visiting Grace during saves for the past three years in her mind, allowing her to do her job the way she had been trained to do, only providing moral support.  He hadn't had to step in with her, yet.
Head-hopping was one of his many talents.  He had the ability to jump inside of another person's head and sense what they were thinking.  He didn't get clear visions, only vague perceptions.  As tempting as it was to be inside her mind all the time, he hadn't done it to Grace.
He enjoyed having a body.  It felt good.  He stood in front of the mirror, a towel wrapped around his waist, sensing his body.  He could feel the muscles in his arm and shoulder flex as he brushed, enjoyed the feel of the bristles against his teeth and tongue.  He flexed his toes against the bathmat, scrunching them into the thick pile, feeling his calves bunch.  He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, delighted at the various ways that the human body secreted by-products.  Marvelous.
The delight in feeling himself was interrupted by Grace opening the bathroom door, surprising him.  He turned to her, and gaped, undone by what he saw.
She was standing there, bleary-eyed, wearing nothing but a knit camisole and a pair of the tiniest bikini panties he'd ever seen on a woman in the flesh.  He was frozen, eyes wide, toothbrush in his mouth, toothpaste foaming and dripping, looking like a rabid dog.  He was aware of his groin muscles tightening, his testicles shrinking abruptly.
Grace was frozen too.  He saw her jaw drop, framing her wide luscious mouth in a perfect O.  Her blue eyes widened, and an attractive blush crawled up her chest to her cheeks.  Her wide eyes traveled from his face down his torso, to the towel wrapped around his waist before dropping to her feet, where they began the climb up her own body.
She snapped her mouth shut, and she began to sputter as realization dawned.
"I-I'm so sorry.  I should have knocked."  Her hands went to cover herself.  "I'm not used to a man living here."  Turning, she tossed over her shoulder as she darted out of the bathroom, "I'll just use the other one!"
Chuckling to himself, Rafe looked down, noticing his erection, making a tent out of his towel.  The tightness in his groin should have been a give away, but he'd been so taken aback by her appearance in the doorway that he hadn't taken in the implications of his blood flow altering its course from his testicles to other places.  
Spitting out the toothpaste and rinsing his mouth, Rafe whistled as he went into his room to dress for the day.  It would be exciting, he was sure.

Book one in the Four Winds Series is on sale for .99

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Anne Conley lives in a small town in East Texas with her husband, two kids, and thirty goats.  She writes all day, reads all night, and is prides herself on not being in the running for Mommy of the Year, as her kids are lucky to make it to school with socks and underwear on.  She brazenly stole her pseudonym from her great-grandmother, a true pioneer woman who raised seven kids alone:  churning butter, plucking chickens, knitting clothes, and putting coal oil on every visible wound.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I know it's not typical, nor is it recommended, but I have rewritten and re-released one of my books. Realizing I should have waited to publish it in the first place was difficult for me, as I don't like to admit to mistakes, but I've rearranged my publishing schedule to accommodate the fact that I had a free novella up that was not the best example of my work. So I rewrote it. I love the story now, and am proud to pimp it. The characters are developed, there's more of a mystery, and the MCs are more likeable, I think. Since some of my negative reviews were about "gratuitous sex scenes" I changed the classification to erotica, as I was unwilling to take out the sex, since it compelled the plot lines and was a major driving force for the characterizations.

Where before, it was a free novella, now it is a full-length novel. It is the first in the Stories of Serendipity series, and introduces a lot of the characters that have their own stories later in the series. That was a super fun scene to write, and gave me more insight into the characters that I have yet to write stories about, although their outlines are waiting patiently for me on my laptop.

Another thing I really enjoyed about writing this was revisiting old characters. Claire and Max were the impetus of my writing career. I have always been one to make up stories. I've always had a journal next to my bed. I've always been a writer. But Claire and Max were a story I'd been thinking about for nearly a year before I finally decided to sit down and write it. They'd been bungling around inside my head for ages it seemed, before I finally told my husband I wanted to try to write a book. His support was all the impetus I needed to make a go at it.

Initially, the novel sucked. I'm not gonna lie. But I loved the characters so much, I kept rewriting it. My marketing plan involved a free book to "hook" potential readers, so I cut it down after rewriting it a couple of times and decided to make a novella out of it. I was relatively pleased with the result, as in, it was better than anything else I'd written about Claire and Max so far. So I hit the publish button.

Reviews were mixed. Some people loved the story, others hated it, a lot thought it was okay. I'm alright with people hating my stuff. As long as they're not cruel in their reviews, I have no problem with people giving me one and two stars because it wasn't their cup of tea. But the reviews brought to my attention that there was so much I could have done with the story that I just hadn't done yet.

Hence my decision to rewrite it. While in KDP's details page, I updated the product description and decided to re-classify it as well. It is now in the erotica section of Amazon's search page. And now it's #29 in erotica. And #840 in free kindle books.

I'm pleased with that.