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Two Week Seduction Spotlight

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TITLE – Two Week Seduction
AUTHOR – Kathy Lyons (aka: Jade Lee)
GENRE – Fun, Hot Contemporary Romance
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) - 188
COVER ARTIST – Hot Damn Designs

Two Week Seduction - Book Cover


She’s going to break all of his rules...

Tech Sergeant John O’Donnell was never fond of his hometown. Too many reminders of poverty, his rocky family life, and the girl he was never allowed to have. Now he has exactly two weeks to sort out his mother’s finances before he heads back overseas. Two weeks that he’s determined to spend as far from his best friend’s little sister as possible.

Alea Heling has a naughty streak a mile wide. Sweet and simple? Boring. She’s been craving a bad boy like John since their wild days together in high school, and this time, she’s not taking no for an answer. But with every panty-meltingly hot encounter, Alea forgets one hard, cold reality—this soldier won’t let a fortnight turn into forever...and forever might be exactly what they both need.



2 Week Seduction - Teaser 2


“Thank you for your help,” he said. His voice was rusty, but clear enough.
She gasped in mock shock. “He speaks! Five words and it wasn’t rude!”
Against his will, his lips twitched. She always could make him smile when he least wanted to.
She leaned forward, a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. “Let’s try something else. I know it’s dangerous—I mean, your head might explode or something—but I say we risk it. Give me a compliment.”

“Fishing?” he drawled.

She tsked. “That wasn’t a compliment. You’re supposed to say something nice. About me.”

He didn’t answer. Mostly because he was thinking of all the things he wanted to say. That her skin looked soft and her eyes were a changeable hazel that always kept him guessing. That her tits were round and full, just begging to be nipped. That she was small compared to his 6'3" frame, but she had legs long enough to wrap around his waist as he buried himself inside her. And that red hair, a bright red flash of color on her perfect body, was a scream of danger he lusted after.

While those thoughts spun through his mind, her expression soured. With a sigh, she grabbed his empty beer bottle and held it before his eyes. “Say something nice to me and I’ll get you another beer.”

She shook the bottle a little to grab his attention. It didn’t work. He was too busy watching how the breeze pressed her blouse flat against her chest. Her bra had lace, which meant texture, and he wondered what sound she’d make if he tugged it back and forth against her nipples.

“That’s a nice b-blouse.” Damn it, he’d almost said bra.
Her mouth flattened with a sigh. “I thought you’d like it.”
Alea leaned forward as she pushed to her feet. A curl of brown hair tumbled forward, pushing past the tiny gold hoop in her ear to dangle right before him. Without thinking, he grabbed the lock, winding it around his fingers. It wasn’t even long enough to pull into his fist. But it was close enough to hold her still. Her eyes widened in surprise and her mouth—those plump, pink lips—formed a perfect O.

God, he’d been gone so long. And she was so much of a woman now.
He wanted to say something, but he hadn’t the words. Just a thick want. He took a breath, trying to clear his head, but all he tasted on the air was her. A citrus scent, so appropriate to Florida and so missed when he was in Afghanistan. But there was another scent on top. The taste of woman, hot and spicy despite her demure yellow shirt.

He should let her go, but his fingers just wouldn’t cooperate. He tightened his hold. And when her hair started to slip through his grip, he pushed forward in his chair. He deserved one taste. He sacrificed so his country would be safe. One kiss was nothing when stacked up against that.

But if he was going to take her mouth—and he damn sure was—then he was going to take something else too...

2 Week Seduction - Teaser 1


KATHY LYONS writes light, funny, sexy stories for Harlequin Blaze. She loves the faster pace of category books and that her humor can shine through.

She leaves the dark, tortured love stories to her alter ego, Jade Lee.

Visit them both on the web at!



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Review for Love in Rewind, by Tali Alexander


The description of this story is about a married couple, having to explore the marriage in rewind as it’s falling apart after 10 years or so.  I was looking forward to reading about that.  In actuality, nearly the entire book is written as a flashback, from the beginning, with only the last quarter being in real time, during the marriage.  As it is, its way more NA than I’d liked, but as a NA, it’s probably pretty good.

I had some issues with Luis, the male lead.  He seemed totally possessive, manipulative, and controlling, using his money and “love” for Emily to dominate her, but she seemed to love every minute of that.  I was expecting that to be the issue in their marriage, and it was to an extent, but not the way I thought it would be. 
In the beginning of the relationship, they didn’t seem to have much in common, like the first whole year or so, until they had kids.  Just really hot sex.  They didn’t talk about much, and it was odd.  Also, there were several places where the flow of the book was messed up by inconsequential stories/backstory, that really slowed down the pace.

But the sex was hot.  Luis is the best dirty-talker ever.  Hands down.  The sex in this book was some of the hottest stuff I’ve ever gotten to read.  It made up for the quality of the story.

As a whole, the book was well-written and well edited, if a little slow in places.  I would recommend it as a hot read for someone looking for a strong, alpha male with a filthy mouth and huge…well…you know.

A note about the songs.  The author has put in links to songs from the eighties.  Aside from the fact that the songs don’t really fit with the age of the characters, the idea is awesome.  In theory, you can click on the links and listen to great eighties music while reading the story, but in reality, I couldn’t get it to work.  I’m totally blaming that on my own lack of technical savviness.  

To get all the information about this book and its author, including buy links and more, click here.

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Destination to be Determined Review

Last week or so, I did a spotlight on this.  Today is my review.

Duh.Duh. DUUUHHH!!!!!

Haha.  Seriously.  I tickle myself.  More coffee.  Hangon.

Emmy is a young woman with a secret gift.  She can time travel in her dreams, and it's pretty cool.  Like the butterfly effect, every time she tries to change something for the better, things get hopelessly worse.  One travel in particular has stayed with her since she was a child, and now she has a chance to provide closure.  And along comes Blaze.  The Hotty McHotty.  Holy Crap, he's Hot.  

This is my kind of paranormal romance.  No werewolves or vampires, but some serious dream time-travelling and a mysterious stranger who seems to want to follow you to the ends of the earth.  Oh yeah, and gives great orgasms.

My one problem with this story was Emmy's ability to stick her hand in her purse and withdraw her keys for him.  No digging.  No searching.  WTF?

No seriously, I was glad to know there's a sequel to this, because I'm hoping the two elements of the story (The romance, and the time travel) will intertwine better after more story.  All in all, a great read, although a bit short.  YAY!  Good Job!

The Traveler Series Premise
Emmy London is a private investigator by choice and a time traveler by chance. Her super secret ability enables her to go back in time to solve mysteries, but not change the past. The one caveat is that she can't use it for personal gain; the one mystery she can't solve is that of her past.

Follow Emmy as she tests the limits of her curse, writes her own rules, and learns that 'not-a-dates' can become relationships she never wanted all the while drinking lots of coffee.

These sexy humorous mysteries can be read as standalone novellas even as the characters evolve.

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Restoring Lady Anna Spotlight and Review

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TITLE – Restoring Lady Anna
SERIES – Eversley Siblings Series
AUTHOR – Em Taylor
GENRE – Historical Regency Romance
LENGTH – 55,000
COVER ARTIST – Veronica Fernandez

Restoring Lady Anna - Cover


When Lord James Eversley is accused of a murder he did not commit, he dresses up as his new brother-in-law’s footman and hitches a ride in their carriage out of town. When it seems they are no longer being followed he begins to relax until a minor accident causes them to stop at a shabby looking inn. As his “master” and his sister sip tea in the scruffy parlour, James comes face to face with Lady Anna, the woman who left him in the dead of night five years before and a familiar looking child.

Lady Anna has accepted her life as Mrs Johnstone, mother of four-year-old Viola, “wife” of Peter, the mentally ill former footman and land lady of a shabby inn on the Great North Road. Her plans for a love match with the handsome Lord Eversley were cruelly snatched away from her five years before. Her ruination means there is no opportunity to return to her family or the ton. When James turns up, dressed as a footman and demanding answers, Anna must decide whether to tell the truth.

James never stopped loving Anna and now he must learn what happened that fateful night that Anna left him heartbroken. With the truth out in the open, he must convince the love of his life to take a chance on him. He wants to marry her and restore her reputation among the aristocracy. But in Regency England reputations are easily lost and difficult to regain. Can Anna trust James enough to do what is right for Peter, despite his actions, her child and most importantly himself? Can James convince Anna to seek the help that Peter needs and return to the ton?





“Why did you leave?” he asked.
“I...I... did not have a choice.”
“Were you in love with him?”
“No.” She should lie. She knew she should, but his light blue eyes seemed to bore holes into her very soul and she could not bear to hurt him further. She could not bear to have him think badly of her.
“Then I do not understand why you left. Was it... was... God dammit.” He took a large gulp of his ale and looked around before leaning close. “Was it the bedding? I know you were an innocent and it must have hurt but...”
“No.” She shook her head fervently. Could he really believe that the best night of her life had driven her from him? “That night... it was very special. You were wonderful and kind and caring. I could not have asked for a better lover the first time.”
Relief washed over his countenance before he frowned. “Then why?”
Should she tell him? Could she? “It is too complicated to explain, except to say that it was not my choice and it was not your fault.”
He pushed his long fingers through his blond curls and stared into his ale. “Is he—the footman—still alive?”
“Yes.” He looked into her eyes—the hope that had shone there moments before was gone.
“So you are married.”
“We never married.”
“You live in sin?”
“Yes. I refused to marry him—not even to give my daughter a name. I tell people I am Mrs Johnstone, but there are no legal documents and no marriage. Therefore, you can return to the ton, my lord, and tell them that Lady Anna Kingsley is a whore and has a bastard child.”
Now perhaps he would leave her alone to her miserable life and find someone who would make a proper countess when his father died. She swallowed hard, forcing back the tears. Willed herself to stay strong. She only had to stay strong until the damned ostlers could help Lord Ramsey’s horse.
“Shh! I will be returning to the ton to tell them no such thing. I wished you would tell me what actually happened, if for no other reason than to assuage my fear that it was something I did or said that drove you away. You said you have a daughter?”
“Yes. Viola. She is a pretty little thing but can be quite precocious when she wants to be. She would have made a beautiful debutante when her time came.”
“Mama. Who is this?” She turned to see Viola standing at her side and realised it had been the child who was tugging at her skirts.

James stared at the little girl standing next to Anna, tugging on the grey wool skirt. Blond hair, blue eyes and rosy cheeks that reminded him of Rebecca when she was small. She even had the little turn up in her nose that was identical to his sister’s. But, it could not be. This child could not be his? They had made love but once—or at least just one night. But he had not withdrawn as he knew he should. He had been too caught up in the moment—in their love. Had Anna fallen with child that one glorious night, how old would a child be? Three? No—four! Was this little girl four? He had no idea how large or small a child should be at the age of four. He did not come into contact with many children.
But he did not have to ask her age. His sight told him that Viola was his as did something else…instinct perhaps?
He schooled his features so they were unreadable. Years of training to be a gentleman, to show no outward emotion, were now paying dividends.
“This is Lord Eversley, a friend of mine.”
“Oh. Pleased to meet you Lord Evasey.” She bobbed a small curtsey, and he noted that she over extended her back leg a bit like the actors did in the theatre at the curtain call. It was very sweet. The child obviously did not meet many members of the aristocracy. Though it was just like Anna to have taught her daughter to act like a lady in preparation for meeting a viscount or even a duke.
“Very pleased to meet you too, Viola.” She smiled dazzlingly at him. It really was like being taken back in time to when Rebecca was a child.
“Mama, he’s awake. I heard him shouting.”
“I see.” She turned to James. “I need to go just now. I have things that must be attended to.” Anna stood and looked like she was about to bob a curtsey but seemed to the think better of it, probably remembering he was supposed to be a footman.
He watched her leave, Viola’s hand in hers. He had sired a daughter and all this time he never knew. He did not need Anna to tell him that Viola was his flesh and blood—he knew it with every fibre of his being. If he said it outright, would Anna lie? Could she lie about something as monumental as him having a child? Not the Anna he once knew. But she was harder now—more resilient. He saw it in her eyes. Even though he had sensed she had been on the edge of tears, he suspected Mrs Anna Johnstone did not cry very often. But he must allow Anna to tell him in her own time. There was a lot more to this than a silly lady having her head turned by a handsome footman.
Was the person who had just woken the footman? Why had Viola looked unhappy when she had to announce the footman was awake? And why was Anna the one working in the taproom?
He would find out, and he would not leave this place until he knew the whole truth and certainly he would not leave without his daughter.

Guest Post

I asked Em to tell us about her typical writing day.
This is the bit where I tell you how wonderfully organized I am and how I set aside x amount of hours for research and x amount of hours for writing, meanwhile bringing up ten kids, running a separate business, donating most of what I earn charity and still have time to create amazing macrobiotic meals for my husband and family, before I pop out for a quick ten mile run, isn’t it?
Sadly, that’s not me. Not one part of it is me. I can cook a half decent curry and sometimes walk to the bus stop, but that’s about it. I have absolutely no organization in my life. I actually think I might need one of those life coaches to visit me.

Part of the problem at present with my life is that I am sick and have been for months (Nothing fatal, I hasten to add. Just not particularly pleasant). My concentration is shot so I write in short bursts.

But I write. Nearly every day I force myself to write at least 500 words and on occasion I start writing and don’t stop for hours. Apparently I was like that at school. Some days I would do nothing but day dream then the next I would do all my work and more.
I found this quote which seems appropriate.

“Just write every day of your life. Read intensely. Then see what happens. Most of my friends who are put on that diet have very pleasant careers.” Ray Bradbury.

Every night I fall asleep listening to audiobooks. I believe listening to someone else read a book gives you the cadence and teaches you how to appreciate the use of your own imagination. That’s not to say I don’t like reading a book or an ereader. I do. I just have better concentration these days for audio books.

Maybe one day I’ll get organized and tell you about my macrobiotic diets and marathon training but for now, I’ll plod away on my laptop and write about people who can manage to organize their lives.


Em was born and brought up in the Central Belt of Scotland and still lives there. She was told as a child she had an over active imagination--as if that is a bad thing. She's traded her dreams of owning her own island, just like George in the Famous Five to hoping to meet her own Mr Darcy one day. But her imagination remains the same.

Unfortunately, Em was put off reading and writing by school and although she rediscovered her love of reading many years ago, she only tried her hand at writing again in 2011. After a year of writing fan fiction, she wrote an original short story for an anthology. This was followed up with two more shorts and 4 novella length books, all published under a pen name. Having fallen in love with a new sub-genre, courtesy of books by Mary Balogh and Lynsay Sands, she decided to try her hand at her new favourite genre for reading--regency.

Having bitten the bullet, she feels she has found her home in the 19th century, and it does give her an excuse to watch Colin Firth in a pair of buff breeches and riding books ad infinitum.

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My Review

I really liked Restoring Lady Anna.  Historical romances tend to have the virginal innocent as a MC, but this one's not virginal, nor innocent.  I loved that.   It is a sequel to Saved by the Rake, and in fact, the beginning of this one runs in tandem with the end of the other, so not necessarily a stand-alone.  Although you can get the gist of the story without having read the other.

Ms. Taylor has some elements to her writing that I absolutely love.  Most regency historicals  protagonize the ton and make it unbelievably cruel.  I almost quit reading regencies, because they'd all gotten so predictable in that regard.  In Lady Anna, I almost thought the ton should have been bigger, like Ms. Taylor could have done more with it.  Instead, in this one, the protagonist is almost likeable, in a 'I feel so sorry for you' sort of way.  Which is very difficult to do.

I enjoyed this story, but I liked the Rake more.  This was still a great story, I read it in a couple of days at my in-laws house.  But it wasn't as well written (IMO) as some of Ms. Taylor's other pieces.  The conflicts weren't at all as strong as they could have been, making me rather angry at the MC at times for being a blooming idiot.

This story had it's issues, but was still a really great story.  As always, her men are panty-melting, and her women independent.  The story seems to be well-researched, fast-paced, and highly entertaining.

Thanks for a great read.

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Summer Lovin' Blog Hop June 20-23

Welcome to my stop on the Summer Lovin' Blog Hop, where I'm going to share an excerpt from my latest Story of Serendipity, Wrecked.  Leave a comment telling me what you think, and be entered to win an autographed postcard and an e-book of your choice from my titles.  Don't forget to scroll down to the bottom and enter the rafflecopter for a chance to win one of several cool giftcards!  I will announce winners of the postcard and e-book on this site on Wednesday, June 25, so check back in!

Here's the blurb:

Welcome to Serendipity, Texas, where the days are hot and the nights are steamy. Meet real people with real problems, as they live life and find love in a small town. 

One moment of distraction, and Renae causes Jason to wreck his motorcycle, setting into motion a love affair that could be her undoing.

She has big plans for her empty nest, but one night of passion changes everything. He's perfect. Too perfect, but her own stupidity entwines their lives together forever. What if she finds out he's gassy, doesn’t like kittens, has a terminal illness, or…hates babies?

Jason is just visiting his dad in Serendipity, not staying. But his plans change when things with his dad are worse than he thought. Renae is a pleasant distraction, and the more he gets to know her, the more she becomes another reason to stay.

When their lives entwine, they both have choices to make, hurts to get over, and ideals to let go of. Is it possible for them to do it, in order to get their happily ever after? Or will things be wrecked?

Here's a steamy Excerpt:

“Do you still want to come to my room?”

“Why?”  Her eyes were guarded, but she sounded more curious than defensive.

Treading carefully, “I just want to spend more time with you, Renae.  We can talk, or we can do other stuff, whatever you want.  I don’t want tonight to end.  Not yet.”  He meant every word.  Jason was almost desperate to have her with him longer tonight.  He couldn’t explain it, but something about this woman was calling to him, to be with her, in whatever way she would allow.

The corners of her mouth turned up slightly, and a twinkle lit her eye.  “What sorts of other stuff?”

His eyes fell on her bare shoulder, noticing the expanse of smooth skin where her shoulder met her neck.  The top she wore was modest, classy, yet her bare shoulders showed off enough velvety flesh to hint at what lay beneath.  His knuckles slowly stroked her collar bone, relishing the feel of downy, glossy skin.

“Whatever you want.  Whatever you’re comfortable with.  Whatever makes you feel good.”  He watched her carefully, while he moved slowly.  She swallowed and took a deep breath before nodding.

“I want sex.”  His cock twitched in response to the words.

“Are you drunk?”  He didn’t want this to be a mistake on her part.

“Not anymore.”

Jason’s heart beat wildly.  “My room’s right there,” he pointed to the row of rooms in front of the minivan.  She nodded.  “Stay here.”  He got out of the van and walked around to the other side to open her door.  She stepped into his arms, and he tasted her lips again.

Renae opened up to him eagerly as he hauled her against his body.  Something felt right to Jason when he kissed her.  He could imagine all the world’s evils dying off, all the petty arguments resolved, nothing would bother him again, not with this kiss.

Her fingers trembled against him as they wound around his neck and tangled in his hair, pulling gently.  The stinging tingles sent tremors of need surging through his body.  Their tongues entwined, and he could taste remnants of the sour sweetness of her margaritas, but it was overpowered by a taste that was purely Renae.  There was nothing like it.

He pulled back and led her by the hand to room 153, slid the card into the slot and opened the door.  Renae walked inside hesitantly at first, and turned to him, her cheeks flushed red, eyes glassy with desire.  He took her in his arms again, unwilling to let her go.

“Are you sure?”  God, he wanted this, and didn’t want her to regret it.  His conscience was saying it was a mistake to start a relationship this way, but the devil inside told him this was what she wanted. 

She nodded, and his mouth crashed down on hers, trying to wipe the fear from her eyes, as he pushed her body against the wall to the bathroom.  Their tongues fused in a sultry dance, and Jason was struck with a need to be her everything.  Suddenly, with Renae in his arms, open and trusting, he realized what life was all about.  He wanted to spend more time with her, making her feel, erasing all her fears.

But first, he was going to make her explode.

Grab your copy now, at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Smashwords.  Kobo is still processing it, so I don't have a link for them, yet.

Spread the word, and ENJOY!

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Cruel Capers - Tour Banner

About Book


TITLE – Cruel Capers on the Caribbean
SERIES – A Kate on Vacation Mystery
AUTHOR – Kassandra Lamb
GENRE – Mystery, cozy
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) - approx. 30,000 words (novella)
PUBLISHER – Misterio Press LLC
COVER ARTIST – Book Cover Corner

Cruel Capers - Book Cover


Trouble seems to find Kate Huntington, even on a Caribbean cruise. She and her friend, Liz, befriend socialite Cora Beall, who is having relationship problems. When Cora is found dead, her cabin locked from the inside, the ship’s captain assumes it’s a suicide.

Kate is skeptical. Her private detective husband begs her to let it go, but the evidence points more and more toward murder. And she can’t stop thinking about Cora’s teenage daughter who is back in the States with her stepfather. Which is worse, thinking your mother committed suicide or being raised by her killer? Or is Cora’s seemingly-innocent, screenwriter boyfriend the real murderer?

And the toughest question of all... how did Cora’s killer get out of a locked room?

This is the second of the Kate on Vacation novellas, a parallel series to the Kate Huntington mysteries.


I'm going to say something that will be misconstrued, but I can't think of another way to say it.  This is a book my mystery lovers will enjoy.  Classic whodunit with the additional perk of being set on a ship.  Extremely well-written dialogue and nice story arc, although it took me a little longer than normal to get into the story, probably because my mind has rotten from all the sex I've been reading/writing.  This is good clean fun.

Book Links


Book Excerpt

Kate went back to the task of opening their own cabin door. She took two steps into the room, then rushed forward.
A small sliding glass door was sitting partway open. A slight breeze rustled the semi-sheer curtains that had been pulled to the side. Beyond the door, a tiny balcony overlooked the sparkling waters of Tampa Bay. Dropping her carry-on bag on the floor, she stood open-mouthed, taking in the view. “Oh, this is so much better than those lousy little portholes.”
Skip wrapped his arms around her from behind. “Nothin’s too good for my gal. This has been too long in comin’.” The cruise, originally Kate’s idea, had gotten sidetracked by one of Skip’s private investigation cases. After a big bonus from another case, he’d insisted it was time for their long-postponed getaway.
Kate turned in his arms.
He hooked an errant, dark curl behind her ear. “You know, your eyes are the same exact color as that gorgeous tropical sky out there.”
But he wasn’t looking at the sky. He was smiling down into her face. Gold flecks danced in his own hazel eyes as he cupped her cheeks in his hands. He lowered his lips to hers.
She closed her eyes and relaxed against him, anticipating the warm tingle of his kiss.
“Ahem. So sorry to interrupt, but I just wanted to invite y’all to a little git-together.”
They jumped, then turned to find a willowy, blonde beauty standing in the still-open doorway.
“Where are my manners?” she said in a thick Southern accent as she held out her hand. “I’m Cora Beall.”
Skip recovered first. He stepped over and shook the woman’s hand. “Pleased to meet you, Miss Corabelle.”
The woman let out a peal of laughter. “No, no. My last name is Beall. Don’t know what my mama was thinkin’ when she chose Cora for my Christian name.”
“Skip Canfield. This is my wife, Kate.”
“Pleased to meet y’all. I’m in cabin 1030, down the way a bit. Figured I’d invite all my new neighbors to a little bon voyage party. Some of our friends are comin’ onboard in a few minutes to see us off.”
Kate found her voice. “How did you get your friends past security?” Since 9/11, cruise ships had tightened security significantly. Only passengers with pre-paid tickets were allowed to board. She had thought onboard bon voyage parties were a thing of the past.
The woman chuckled. “Connections, sugar. Plus…” She rubbed fingers and thumb together in the sign for money.
After a pregnant pause, she said, “Y’all don’t know who I am, do ya?”
They shook their heads.
Another peal of laughter. “How totally refreshin’! Y’all come on over in a bit, please do.” She turned and left the cabin, pulling the door closed behind her.
Skip raised his eyebrows at his wife. “I’d been debating between a tour of the ship or trying out that nice king-sized bed over there.” He tilted his head toward the bed in question.
Kate laughed. “Both ship and bed will be available for the next week. That lady’s peaked my curiosity.”

About Author

Cruel Capers - Author Photo

Writing and psychology have always vied for first place on Kassandra Lamb’s Greatest Passions list. In her youth, she had to decide between writing and paying the bills. Partial to electricity and food, she studied psychology. Now retired from a career as a psychotherapist and college professor, she spends most of her time in an alternate universe with her protagonist and alter ego, Kate Huntington. The magical portal to this universe (i.e., her computer) is located in Florida, where Kassandra’s husband and dog catch occasional glimpses of her.

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Two Winners – $10 Amazon gift card and free e-book copy of any Kate Huntington book–winner’s choice
Two Winners – free e-book copy of any Kate Huntington book–winner’s choice

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Spotlight on Destination to be Determined - Review to follow (this was a good one)

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The Traveler Series Premise

Emmy London is
a private investigator by choice and a time traveler by chance. Her super
secret ability enables her to go back in time to solve mysteries, but not
change the past. The one caveat is that she can't use it for personal gain; the
one mystery she can't solve is that of her past.

Follow Emmy as she tests the
limits of her curse, writes her own rules, and learns that 'not-a-dates' can
become relationships she never wanted all the while drinking lots of coffee.

These sexy humorous
mysteries can be read as standalone novellas even as the characters evolve.

Fan Made Book Trailer

Synopsis for Destination to be Determined

Life has never been easy for
Emmy London. Raised in foster homes, she learned to never get too comfortable,
to never let anyone in. When her classmate, Chloe Oliver, disappeared at the
tender age of five, so did she. From that moment on, life was never the same.
She kept a secret and kept her distance from everyone. 

With the twentieth
anniversary of Chloe's disappearance looming, Mr. Oliver sought Emmy's
assistance, asking her to revisit the past in order to give him the closure he
so desperately needed. As a private investigator, she was accustomed to facing
unpleasant situations and sifting through others' lives. Unfortunately, this
time to do that, she had to face her own. 

Soon, she herself is being
followed. A handsome stranger insinuates himself in her life. Everything she
believed and thought she knew is called into question beginning with…can she
turn her curse into a gift?

Her mission is clear, her
destination is to be determined.

The Traveler Series Playlist

Wondering about what's next for The Traveler Series?

Release Date: July 22, 2014

Destination Derailed Synopsis

When Emmy finally answers a
series of missed calls, the first words Sean speaks are, “Peaches is

Rushing back to Shiloh Cove,
her new mission is a favor fora friend that lands her in a strip club, working
undercover.  Blaze really appreciates her new work uniform…and he’s not
the only one

Like so many others on the
force, Detective Morrow moonlights in a security position after-hours at Leather
and Lace
.  He’s seen many girls come and go through the years without
giving it another thought, until Emmy enters his life once more, this time
wearing makeup and not much else.  Then, he can’t stop thinking about

In the midst of an alpha
pissing contest between two men who make her quiver, Emmy finds herself
embroiled in a dark and dangerous underground.  Everything she believed to
be true is put to the test.  It has been said rules are meant to be broken,
that life is all fun and games.  Yet in her case, never has so much been
at stake when Emmy finds her destination derailed.

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