Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Book Review: Emily's Ronda Romance

After finishing this novel, my brain is in a whirlwind. I may be because the narrator is a complete SPAZ! I loved her. While her voice took a little bit to get used to, once I did, the experience was immensely entertaining.

The story is about a woman who wins a trip to Ronda, in Andalucia, Spain over the Valentine's weekend. So, of course, she takes her boyfriend, a completely loveable oaf, who doesn't speak Spanish well, and insists on adjusting his insoles (something that my husband does, and I find hilarious). Their misadventures on their trip are nonstop. If they'd happened to me, they would be boring, but because we read about them in Emily's voice, they are incredibly entertaining.

This isn't a typical romance, where we're in on the story from the beginning, deal with the conflicts and emotions going through everybody's head while they decide if they want to be together or not. This is told exclusively from Emily's point of view, and the romance is secondary to her perceptions of it. And her perceptions are a hoot.

Emily is a little snooty, with a lot of ADHD, and her boyfriend Bryan is constantly bemoaning the fact that he doesn't understand what goes on inside her head. Trust me Bryan, you don't want to know.

Emily compares the Andalucian Spanish to a Scot speaking English, and worries me. Primarily because my high school Spanish teacher learned Spanish in Andalucia, and pissed of the Latinos in the class constantly by correcting their pronunciation, while they spoke Spanish at home every day. She called their Spanish "Spanglish" and they were miffed, to say the least. So now I know exactly why nobody understands my Spanish…

I am really looking forward to the next book in this series. I'm attached to Emily and her antics. And I want to see more of Bryan. He's such a sweetie. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go tell my kids to quit getting their knickers in a twist.

Michelle can be found here, if I can ever get this link to work right...

Okay, it doesn't work right, so you'll have to copy and paste it into a browser window. I'm sorry, a lot of my buttons have gone missing from the top of my blogspot dashboard page...

This is what I got from Michelle's g+ page,

Thank you for wanting to know more about me, I am the author of a Chick Lit romance "Emily's Ronda Romance", and the writer of two workbooks for job seekers, "Currículum 2013" and "CV and Resume 2013".

I'm a keen amateur photographer, a fashion junky, and all round happy person. I like to think I'm a complex creature, and who is not easily defined. I might be wrong.

I'm passionate about the potential for a golden future (singularity), and I am an activist for sentient rights. I live in Spain, I'm a native English speaker, and yes, ¡hablo español!

I'm also fashion conscious, I adore heels, short skirts, gold jewelry and precious stones, beautiful lingerie, bright colours, soft fabrics and furnishings, makeup and doing my hair. I also dress down in jeans, t-shirts and flats. I'm romantic, but also logical, I can be a bitch (not often), or the girl next door.

I'd like to make friends online, and my life would be more complete if my online friends will one day also be real life friends. I dream of the day I can have a coffee with my favourite peoples. If you're reading this on my blog, please click the g+ icon above to find me.

I have a fascination for science, especially astronomy, artificial intelligence, and quantum physics. I feel like a child looking into the universe with wonder - it's a magical feeling, really it is - but I'm not an expert. One day I'd love to have the time to go back to university and study the sciences.

I believe people should express themselves the way that best suits them, how they dress, socialise, who they love, their passion for sport, hobbies and crafts.

I moderate the European Union community on g+, and some of the EU pages (English, Spanish, German, and Portuguese), and all opinions are my own.


  1. I'm LOLing. The notification still didn't work after you'd posted this, but luckily I saw it in my g+ wall. Emily is a character all right. The strange thing is that she wrote herself, I didn't have much to do with the story except being the typist - if that makes sense? Or does it just make me a bit schizophrenic? In my mind's eye, Emily is a real person sitting next to me talking non-stop about her life. Writing her is a whirlwind of competing emotions.

    The good news is that her sequel is already started, and she tell me she wants it published in July.

  2. Oh, I'm so glad! I hate having to wait a year for sequels. My favorite was the fashion blog stuff. I do that kind of thing to my husband, and he's all, like, "What?!?" Bryan has a lot of my hubbie in him. And I may have a little Emily as well. Very relatable book for me.