Saturday, December 12, 2015

Make it stop!!! Wait, no. As soon as it stops I'm screwed...

I've been clearing out my 2016 schedule--my mom is about to have to move closer to me, and I know that's going to divert more of my energy toward all the stuff that goes with moving her.  So, I've tried to gracefully bow out of anthologies and stuff like that.  But holy hell.  Yesterday I got an idea in my head, and it's HUGE.  I mean, it has the potential to change the landscape of my career, as well as others involved, in such a massive way that I'm a little overwhelmed by myself.  I haven't been as excited about something since I decided to go Indie, so I know this is something I need to do.

I owe it to myself to make it happen.  And because of this, I will re-organize my calendar--again--in order to make this work.  I'll walk around my house with a notepad in hand all next week, and begin contacting authors over the holidays, and then cross my fingers.

I'm all about collaboration, and this will collaboration on a scale I've never quite done before.  I just need to work out all the details in advance, and then hope everyone does their job.  If enough authors are involved, they don't all need to do much, except write.  And that's golden, right?

In the meanwhile, I must keep my brain from overloading itself.  Currently, I'm working on a Pierce Securities novella for Susan Stoker's world, and I'm hoping have that rough draft done by the end of next week.  I'm still in the revisions stages for book one of the Book B!tches, a new series that I am taking a chance on and hoping readers will enjoy.  It will be my second release of 2016, hopefully in March.  Grab is still on schedule for a January release, and Seek will come in April, if the stars align.  I have the rough drafts of another Pierce Security novel that I'm working on (Quinten, if anyone's interested), which will come in Summer of 2016.  The Book B!tches will be full force in 2016 as well, so if you like your contemporary romance swirled around with some historical romance elements, feel free to check those out.  I have plans for at least four additional Pierce Securities books in 2017, so they won't be stopping anytime soon.

With all that going on, I honestly don't see how I can squeeze another project in, but I'm going to look at everything and see what can happen, because I WANT this to happen.  In a bad way.  Thanks for reading, and look for Chapter one of the first Book B!tches story to be posted soon.  :)