Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Chef's Delight Cook Book?

So, out of all the questions I could possibly get, the only one I've really gotten more than once is, "Do you have recipes for Connor's food?" If you haven't read Chef's Delight, Connor is a chef, and his restaurant, Estelle's, uses a lot of chevre (goat cheese) in its recipes. That's where the love interest comes in, Jessie the goat farmer.

Anyway, this post is not about Chef's Delight, but about the cook book I'm thinking about putting together as a companion to the novel. Since so many people have asked about the recipes, I've decided to quit sending them to pinterest (which is where I got most of my ideas for menu items) but to send them to my upcoming book!

With summer coming fast and furious, I'm going to be spending more time with my kids, and less on my laptop. I'll be spending more time cooking food they will eat. I'll be spending less time actually creating stories and trying to make my kids productive members of the household. So, why not combine everything, and try to publish something as well?

Recipes from the book that I'm going to try at home:

Artichoke and chevre stuffed chicken breasts.
Fig/chevre pizza,
Goat's milk ice cream,
Chevre cream sauce (to go over steaks, pork and chicken, or as my daughter will probably eat it, over noodles),
Capresi salad, using chevre instead of mozarella,
Raviolis, stuffed with peaches and chevre,
And my personal favorite, wild cherry chevre tart.

Then there are Jessie's flavored cheeses,
Basil pesto chevre and
Chipolte chevre

The cookbook will also include recipes for making cheese the way Jessie makes it, with lemons instead of renit, and her famous whey smoothies.

I'm also going to suggest some wine pairings with the cheeses, although it'll be an affordable list, and not a list of fancy wines...

The more I think about the cookbook idea, the more fun I think it'll be. I'm trying to decide if I'm up for putting pictures with it, although I personally hate cookbooks without pictures, so I'll have to get over the stupid Smashwords metagrinder with the photo formatting...

I will also some more recipe ideas for the book. Do any of you guys have a favorite goat cheese dish that you love, and would like to see included?

Tell me what you think! I need feedback.

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