Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This is about as political as I'm going to get...

I learned something appalling last night.  I went to a banquet with my mom, we go every year to this particular event, and it seems that each year it gets more boring.  

I'm not the girl that gets in everybody's face and tells them what I think about politics.  I feel like everybody is entitled to their opinion, whether they're going to base that opinion in facts or not is up to them.  It is every American woman's right (and in my mind, duty) to vote in every election they can.  I do.  I know that women fought long and hard for the right to vote (I saw Mary Poppins) and we should utilize that right, as the elected officials are making decisions that regard us everyday, whether it be our health, how much we get paid, or how we educate our children.

Last night, the revelation that Texas is ranked LAST in turn-out for women voters saddened me to no end.  I know that Texas is not famous for it's progressive-minded females, but I had no idea things were so bad.  And suddenly, things I've been hearing about our esteemed Mr. Govenor (ahem, *shitstack* cough) made so much more sense.  He (and others) think they can get away with stuff, because the women of this great state don't care.

I don't think it's that the women don't care, that's not what I meant.  Women are trying desperately to develop their own personalities outside of their husband or families.  They are working, or trying to get a jump-start on dreams, or pursuing hobbies that might bring in extra income for their families.  OR they are so sucked into their families that they have no individuality whatsoever.  I'm not judging, by any means.  I have been in both of those places.  I have missed elections, because I got so busy that I forgot.  I'm not gonna lie about that.

But I think that we need to re-define our priorities.  Sure we want good educations for our children.  Sure, we want them to be healthy.  Sure, we want to be paid as much as a man for doing the same exact job.  Sure, we want to drive across a bridge and know that it won't crumble under us and toss us into a raging river.  But we have to let others know that's what we want.  By voting.

Voting is free, and it takes five minutes out of our day.  Registering to vote is easy, you go to the post office, fill out a card, and drop it in the mail box.  No postage required.

I think I've probably made it obvious what my political leanings are here, and it's not my intention to spark any great political debates here.  If you don't agree with me, go vote and cancel mine out.  I don't mind.  That's what America's electoral system is all about.  Just go vote.

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