Friday, June 21, 2013

Hot Mess Promotional goodies

I've done all of this promotional stuff for Hot Mess, and I don't think I'm a part of my own blog tour.  So I thought I'd go ahead and put it up.  I may come and put it up again during the actual tour time, but because.  I did some cool stuff for this.  I recorded excerpts of me reading stuff from the book.  I made a play list.  I have created a cool graphic (That took half a day.  I really need a graphic designer on retainer).

I like it. It's got a sort of film noire look to it (completely unintentional, I assure you).

The audio excerpts are on sound cloud, and as hard as I tried to find a quiet place to record them (no a.c. units or fans blaring in the background) I still managed to have birds chirping in the background, since I made the recordings in front of an open window.  Apparently, that lends a charm to the recording.  I'll take it.

And then there's the trailer...Holy Cow...This took me weeks.  I painstakingly went around town and shot footage, used my kids when inspiration struck.  I had some really pretty images, but my camera-man skills are definitely shoddy at best.  I'm not going into the whole, "my friend was going to do it, but I thought he didn't really want to, so I took the job back, and hurt his feelings because he DID really want to" business.  In the end, I had to use all stock footage I found on the internet, and I think I forgot to credit the website I got it from.  Oops.

I did decide to do a trailer for the whole series, instead of just Hot Mess, so hopefully it will generate sales in other areas, too...

I also made a playlist of songs that go along with the book.  They're sort of songs to listen to while you're reading, although I'm not sure how that would work.  It's roughly a song for every two chapters...  I didn't really know what people did with playlists.  Some authors seem to do playlists of songs that inspire their story.  Others seem to do songs that are mentioned in the story.  Still others write a playlist of songs they themselves listened to while writing the story.  Since I don't listen to much music while I write, I made the list of songs that reminded me of different aspects.

So that's some of the promotional goodies that I'm sending out to my blog tour hosts when it starts on the 17th. In case you need a visual reminder...

If you are a blogger, and want to participate in the tour, email Danielle at, and tell her you want in on the action.  I have way more promotional goodies, I was just sharing a tidbit here...

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