Monday, July 29, 2013

New look, same great Anne. Possibly even more!

You'll notice my blog has a new look about it today.  I've been re-thinking my whole blog, and wondering exactly where I want to go with it.  I still want to help promote other Indie Authors, I still want to give my thoughts on other peoples' books, and I still want to submit my regular readers (both of you) to my random thoughts every once in a while.

My goal is to continue to have a daily post (although the month of July has gotten past me and that has been rather irregular).

I have misplaced my blog calendar with my scheduled author spotlights, so if you have signed up for a spot on my blog, I no longer have that information.  I'm terribly sorry.  Feel free to contact me and let me know.  In the meanwhile, if I receive an email full of information, I'll know I've committed myself (in more ways than one) and get the information up here.

Before everybody floods my comments with, "Why don't you use an online calendar gadget?" Just know that is all beyond me at this point in time.  If I have to figure out how to use another computer thingie, I will pull out the rest of my ratty hair.

Later this week, I'll be hiding at my brother's Lake House to do some writing.  Nothing else.  The voices inside my head have gotten to be a little too much, and they're warring with my children for attention.  I'm succombing to the voices (because they're so much more fun) and running away for a couple of days.  I'll be sans internet, TV, children, husband, mother, and any other duties (aside from watering my brother's plants and checking his mail, both of which I promised I would do).  I may even go online and post a picture of his beautiful view.  Although, I may not.  It might be something just for me.

I knew this summer would not be about my writing.  I knew that it would belong to my children and my mother.  Every summer, at the beginning of June, I take my planner to Mom's house (the same one my blog posts are in) and let her fill it up with activities I should do with her and the kids:  church camps, dance conventions, t-ball games, trips to six flags, etc.  I believe I'm finished with my obligations to everybody else, and I need some me time in the worst way.

So I'm taking it.

I also have some books to review, and am looking forward to those, as they will be sort of pleasurable (I hope).  I would love to get back to reviewing on this site.  I think that would be a wonderful service to the Indie Author community.  Possibly one that can be repaid in kind.

So, this will probably be my only post this week (unless something lands in my inbox), and I'll post again on Friday or Monday.  Until then...

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