Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's about that time...

Today's blog tour stops are Jill Sanders, and Shhh...Mommy's in the Bathroom Reading (I love that blog name).  Both have great reviews of Hot Mess, check them out when you get a chance.

I'm not sure if it's the quiet of the house while the kids are gone for the week at their grandparents, or what, but I'm feeling this insatiable need to write something new.  There's a story in my head that's been needing to get out for a while now, and I think that I'll actually start the outline in the next day or so.  It may actually become the new Christmas novella...Not sure.

Anyways, these characters have been in my head, telling me their story for months, especially Renae.  Renae, as in Dalton's sister, from Dream On.  I sort of gave a run-down to my husband last night, at dinner, and I think he liked what's rattling around up there.  Well, he really should, he's married to it.  But at times, I think I surprise him.  And that's good.  After 15 years, it's nice to know I can still surprise him.

I still have to finish up promoting Hot Mess.  I've got a big push tomorrow with the Facebook Release party, and trying to come up with games to play all day for that one.  After that, I think I'll be spending a day with my Mother-in-law, which is NOT my favorite thing ever.  Then, maybe next week, when I have the kids back, I can do a little writing on it.

Today, I'm going to finish uploading Hot Mess, and do a little clean-up on a few of the uploaded books I've got and re-up-load them (yes, I'm aware that's not a word, as I've written it.  It's still sort of early...).  I'm leaning on my friend Jill a lot with the itunes aspect of this process, as I don't have a mac, and can't figure out how to get around their uploading software that requires one.  She's so awesome.  I'm going to buy her something nice, as soon as I have the sales.

On that note, Hot Mess's sales did pretty good last night, it's first night live, without me posting buy links everywhere.  So, I'm optimistic.  Keep your fingers crossed that it continues to go well.

If you want to check it out for yourself, it's up on AMAZON right now.  You guys know I'll let you all know what the links are everywhere else, as soon as I get them.

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