Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hot Mess Blog Tour starts today!

Today is the day!!!  The blog tour starts.  I must say, I'm super-stoked.  I've never done a blog tour before, and I had decided to do one with this tour.  All of the prep-work involved was crazy, but I dug in and created all kinds of stuff for it: playlist, character interviews, I even recorded myself reading excerpts on soundcloud.  I also created a trailer for the series, Stories of Serendipity. 

All that was okay.  I didn't mind most of it, it's all part of marketing my work.  When it came time to fill spots for the tour however, I was at a loss.  I sent the list to a couple of facebook groups that I was on, and it got filled half-way.  I didn't know what to do next.

Then Book Pimps came into the equation, offering to finish what I had started and alleviate some stress.  Hell yes!  I jumped on that.  She had all kinds of blogging contacts that I didn't have access to, and offered some suggestions for date changes and stuff.  Since I knew nothing about what I was doing, I eagerly handed over the reigns.

So, stop one on my my blog tour is Cuddly Buddy Book Blog, where Hot Mess received a five-flame review!  YAY!  Later today, it will be at Chronicles of a Writing Mom.

I'm really excited about this tour, and hopeful that it will do a fraction of what I want it to do for my sales.  In the meantime, I've got a fence to fix, and a book to upload.  So, we'll see what today brings.

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