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Spring Fling Blog Hop

Welcome to the Spring Fling Blog Hop! Over fifty authors and bloggers have joined together to bring you some amazing posts, great giveaways and lots of fun! Don't forget to enter the rafflecopter to win a Kindle tablet, gift cards, paperbacks and swag and be sure to check out the other blogs taking part.  Read the first chapter of my next book, and tell me what you think in the comment section below and get entered to win a copy of My Mistake.  This is going to stay top post all week, but scroll down, because I'm posting my book reviews and spotlights each day, too.

But before you take off to check out the other blogs, feel free to take a little look at the next Story of Serendipity, Wrecked, set to come out in June, 2014.  Here's the first chapter for you to check out!

     Renae’s heart was broken.  Kelly was officially installed in her dorm room, groceries purchased (yogurt cups, lunch meat and juice boxes) for her mini-fridge, and neon purple decorations abounded.  Her buddy was gone.  Two hours away.  Renae drove back to Serendipity, feeling indescribably lonely.  She tried to focus on the road and increasingly familiar landmarks as she got closer to home, but her mind was wandering back to memories of her daughter: her mess, her noise, her complaints.
     It had been Kelly and Renae for sixteen years, and now, Kelly had gone off to college, as it should be.  Renae had raised her daughter to be independent, make her own choices, and survive on her own.  Now that it had happened, Renae felt lost.  It seemed like only yesterday, she’d given birth to the tiny baby, and two years later, she’d promised that baby they would conquer the world together.
     That was why she didn’t immediately see the motorcycle.  She was waiting to turn after the railroad tracks, and had been trying to see over the truck with enormous mudding wheels on her left, blinker on, when some reptilian part of her brain decided it was clear and her foot lifted off the brake pedal.
     As she gently pushed on the gas, focusing on turning into the correct lane, a sickening crunch sounded and she saw a man crash over the hood of her mini-van, to land in the ditch on the side of her car.
     “Oh no…”  Heart thudding in her chest, the sense of dread in her limbs paralyzed her as she forced her hand to unlatch her door and walk around to where the man lay on his back.  He was long and lanky, but still muscular.  The frighteningly still body held a silent strength, and she said a quick prayer she hadn’t killed the man.  On her knees next to him, Renae was afraid to touch him.  She looked around, to see the giant truck had gone, leaving her there alone to fix this man. 
     “Sir?”  Her hand stroked his chest, hoping the touch would revive him.  She prayed he would sit up and declare himself fit, hop back on his motorcycle and drive off.  A-OK.  “Sir?”  She said it again.
     His motorcycle helmet was black.  And shiny.  She hated to put fingerprints on it, trying to see his face, and she didn’t dare try to remove it.  He might have a spinal injury or something.  So she tried to raise the visor on it, leaving fingerprint smudges on the reflective fiber-glass. 
     His eyes were closed, framed by long, light brown eye-lashes.
     “Sir?”  She reached in and stroked his cheek.  Smooth skin, with a coating of rough stubble, and a slack-jaw.  His skin was warm though, and sent a small tremor up her arm as her fingers lightly trailed down his face.  But he didn’t respond.  “Oh no…”  She’d killed him.  Leaning back on her heels, Renae touched his shoulder, shaking him gently.  Nothing.
     Renae leaned over the man, resting her ear on his chest, noticing how firm the muscles were there, as she tried to look up at his face under the helmet.  She couldn’t hear anything over the sound of her own heartbeat, so she crawled closer, straddling his slim hips, hands on his biceps, keeping her head on his chest.       His body was hot, pressed against hers, and a shiver of awareness coursed through Renae.  She tried to concentrate on listening for his heartbeat, but her own blood rushed so loudly in her ears.
     Finally, she did notice a rise and fall of his chest, so she knew he was breathing, and if he was breathing, his heart had to be pumping, right?  She could see his long neck reaching into the helmet, his Adam’s apple bobbing with a swallow.  His hips rose suggestively, and Renae was shocked to feel a riotous heat in her crotch.  She sat up and looked at the man, whose eyes were open wide, dark mocha orbs staring at her with disbelief.
     Suddenly, Renae was being shoved off the man, by hands she didn’t see.  The man sat up, ripping off his helmet, dropping it to the ground. 
     “What the fuck!?”
     Speechless, she could only stare as dark eyes mesmerized her, settling on Renae.  “Did you hit me?”
     She nodded, gulping down embarrassment.  “I’m sorry…I—“  Renae wasn’t sure what she was sorry about, her intimacy with an unconscious stranger, or making him unconscious in the first place.
     “You weren’t texting were you?”  His anger was palpable, and Renae couldn’t blame him.  He could have been killed.  Strong, thick hands fisted at his sides.
     She shook her head slowly, seeing him for the first time.  He was gorgeous, and suddenly all words in her defense completely left her.  If she had killed this guy, women the world over would hate her forever.  
     His short dark hair stuck up wildly with sweat, helmet head, she supposed, but it was sexy.  There were slight streaks of silver at his temples, shining in the sunlight.  His face was rugged, in a weathered, sun-kissed way, a nose that had been broken, with a scar running down his left temple.  But it was an undeniably handsome face with chiseled features and impossibly blue eyes.  His jeans had been ripped in the wreck, and Renae tried not to stare at the top of his thigh that peaked through the mangled denim.
     “Are you okay?”  She managed to squeak out, feeling terrible about everything.
     “Where’s my bike?”
     Renae looked around, not having a clue.  She’d never even thought about the bike, as concerned as she had been about the man.  Eventually, she went back to the other side of her minivan and found it laying on its side.  She bent down, grabbing the handle bars, and heaved, unable to budge the metal.
     “I got it,” he growled behind her.  He reached down and righted the machine, straddling it.  His helmet dangled from his hand before he crammed it back on his head.
     “Wait…” She turned to the minivan and rummaged around in her purse, spilling the contents into the floorboard until she found what she was looking for.  Holding out her insurance card, she said, “Here.  If you need anything done, I should be covered.  All the information is here….I’ve got another copy at home.”  She felt completely inadequate in this situation.  He seemed angry at her, and she couldn’t blame him.  His body language radiated irritation, from the squared set of his shoulders to the grip on the handlebars, to his tense thigh muscle peeking out through his torn jeans.  And his face…She swallowed disappointment that the stern set of his mouth and the crinkled brow was annoyance with her stupidity.  Renae felt undeniably guilty for not paying enough attention, for hitting him.  If he was hurt, she’d die.  And she didn’t even know him.
     Without a word, his hand slowly reached for the card, clasping it in his fingers.  He didn’t look at it, as he slipped inside his coat pocket before turning back to his bike.
     Renae stifled the overwhelming surge of hormones that rushed through her body.  Every cell inside her wanted to straddle the motorcycle behind him, and hang on to his rippling torso.  She exhaled sharply, as he jumped twice before starting the roaring motorcycle.
     “Are you okay?”  She had to yell to be heard over the engine.
     The man didn’t respond, just looked at her with those blue eyes, snapped down his visor, and with a roar, continued down the road she’d been turning onto an eon ago.
     Renae heaved a sigh, relieved she hadn’t killed him, yet disappointed somehow, and got into her van to continue home.  Alone.

If you've read the first chapter, feel free to leave a comment below telling me what you think about it, and you will be entered to win a copy of My Mistake, the latest in the Stories of Serendipity.  Thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to enter the rafflecopter giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Okay, if you're remotely interested in plays, this is really good.  Zack released this a couple of weeks ago with the caveat, it's a PG Screenplay.  I think he might have been nervous, going so against the norm, but there's absolutely no need.  This was wonderful story about what all love can overcome.

And then there was the interaction...Melinda's reactions to Rodney's bipolarness was spot on.  Mr. Love's depiction of Rodney's bipolarness was scarily accurate.  In fact, I was reading the scene in the library, the same exact day a nearly identical thing had happened to me with a loved one.  It gave me chills.  I ought to give it five stars just for that, but nope.  I'm giving it five stars because of the Prophet, the voice of reason in the play:  :  “And
today is really the happiest day of your life, because today
you woke up and stumbled across the shadow of your soul
in broad daylight.”

For such a short work, the characters were exceptionally drawn out, the setting was as always, superb, and the action (which usually has problems in screenplays) was on pace.  Kudos, Mr. Love. 


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  4. Way to tease us Mrs Conley. That was great.

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