Sunday, January 19, 2014

Under My Skin

Because it's free today, I have been asked by the love Arora Love to do a little pimpin' for her debut erotica title, Under My Skin.  I read it, and I loved it, even though it's a serial, and I don't typically do serials...But this one was all published at once, so Ms. Love soothed my sensibilities by giving me the option of reading only the first part, and getting myself hooked, or reading the complete set, and satisfying my animalistic urges.  I chose the latter.  And I love the cover.

My review:

Emma and Jude, *sigh* what can I say?  The chemistry between these two is hot.  While I wasn't a huge fan of the writing style (a lot of past tense stuff, but it was necessary for the way the story was told) it was clean and clear.  The sex scenes were awesome, and that's what erotica is all about right?  Lots of great sex scenes, which will scratch that itch when you need it.

The serial documents Emma and Jude's obsession with each other at their workplace (who hasn't had a workplace crush?) and what they do to get each other out from under their skin.  It's hot, it's a little raw, and it's totally what I needed when I read it.  I loved this, and will read more of Ms. Love's stuff when it comes out.  She's promised me she's not finished yet.  And I have to believe her, because this is the kind of erotica I like.

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