Thursday, January 30, 2014

Time management

So we're moving.  Last year, the hubbie and I paid cash for a nearly brand-new mobile home and had it moved onto some property we have.  All it needed was paint, flooring and to have the heater/ac fixed.  Since we had all the time in the world to fix it up, move into it, and fix up the dump we currently live in to sell, we took our time.  Eight months later, the paint was half-way finished.  Then the hubbie got laid off.  In the past month, we've finished the paint, started packing, and hubbie has been working on the dump here.  He's hauled off over five tons of scrap metal, essentially earning enough money to pay for the flooring for the new house.  Yesterday, he single-handedly carpeted two room and today I start moving over boxes and small pieces of furniture.

Throughout it all, I have managed to publish my Valentine's novella, get Falling for Hope ready to publish, My Mistake ready for beta readers, and work on pre-writing/brainstorming for a couple of others.


The easy answer is, lack of sleep.  Seriously.

On a typical day, I wake up at 5:30.  Today for some reason, that time was 4:00.  I actually woke up earlier, but that's when I got myself out of bed, determined to do something besides toss and turn.  I'm not sure if the excitement of getting to move my office stuff over is what did it, or the fact that I'm super pissed at a teacher at my daughter's school for being snarky to my mom is what got my mind rolling so early in the morning, but here I am.

Supposedly, friends and family are coming up today to help finish up the flooring, but I'll believe it when I see it.  They've been saying that for three weeks, and haven't shown up yet.

Typically, I use the time from 5:30-6:30 to catch up on Social media stuff before I start getting the kids out of bed, then after I get them to school, I write until the hubbie figures out what's on his tap for the day.  Then I work, taking breaks on my laptop.  I also have about 45 minutes in the pick-up line at my son's school, and another 20 at my daughter's.  So I write for about 2 hours every day, if I'm focused.

Finding the focus is hard, but writing is my life right now.  When I was in sales, the bosses always said the good ones were "hungry."  That's what I am at the moment.  I can't afford to lose focus or momentum.  I've got to keep on truckin', no matter what the circumstances are.  We are in good shape financially.  We have enough money to live frugally for several months, until we sell this house.  But we'll have a lot of work to do to it to make any money from it.  So, even though I can see us moving soon, we're not out of the woods yet.  And until then, I will just keep writing.

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