Monday, March 3, 2014


Some people work great under pressure.  Typically, I've always been one of those people.  However, my kids don't understand the concept of "work" or "deadline" or "people will be upset with me if I don't have this finished."  They insist on piling more pressure on top of my own with demands of "Feed me!"  "Make sure my ten-year-old brain doesn't make me do something stupid!" and "My clothes are all too small?  Take me shopping, now, or I'll wear these jeans that make me look like a plumber to school!"

So, here I am, with four days left to finish My Mistake, so I can have it edited and formatted by its release date.  I'm pretty sure I'm giving them gobs of time to do it, but I have never worked with this particular editor before, and don't really know much about her, except I met her at the Author's Bash and she's cute as a button, and the right price.

Granted, there isn't much to do, but now I have to FORCE myself into the revision mindset, and hope the few gnarls I need to fix are easy.

Fingers crossed, diving in, here's hoping...

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