Friday, April 19, 2013

New Release...SO EXCITED!!!

Falling for Heaven will be released next week.  Yes, NEXT WEEK!!!  It's really exciting when I get to see my labors out there for the public to see, rant, and rave over.  Yes, some people actually rave.  It's quite an ego boost.  Some of the preliminary reviews for Heaven have been very positive.

From Catherine, on Goodreads:  "I loved this story and highly recommend it to those who are drawn to the paranormal romance genre."

From Tammy, also on Goodreads:  "It was such a good read that I did not want it to end. I can not wait until I get to read the second book of the series. 

You will fall in love with Uri and Heather. "

From Karen: " The author has a nice writing style and the story flowed very smoothly. The romance between Uri and Heather was well written. "

And my own personal favorite, from Darrin:  " It stays true to what it is, a strong story with strong characters you will connect with and be swept away by. Read it once then read it twice. Not because you won't have "got" it the first time, but because it is so damn good you simply won't be able to not read it again."

Yeah, I read that last one a couple of times to myself, then a few more times to any family members who would stand still long enough to listen.

Not everybody likes it though, and I can understand that.  One reviewer said it was steamy, another reviewer said her grandma could read the sex scenes.  But all in all, I'm please with the advanced reviews of Falling for Heaven, and I'm super excited to put it out there for everyone and see what people think.  General concensus is that it's not your standard paranormal romance, and that's fine with me.    

I'm fixing to start revisions on the second book in the series, and it should be published late this year.  

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