Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Any press is good press, right?

So, since I'm a new writer (published, that is) I obsess about reviews.  As soon as I published my books, I went onto Goodreads and created an author profile, and solicited reviews, to boost sales.  Hey, summer's coming, and I need money to entertain these kiddos.  It's worked, but sheesh, some of these reviews!

For the most part they're good.   They range from three to five stars, and I can't complain about that.  My books aren't going to be everybody's cup of tea.  I get that.

I was working through the reviews from people who thought they were too steamy, and the ones who thought they were too tame.  I understand expectations vs perceptions and reality not meeting either.

What I don't understand is the reviewer who admitted to not making it beyond page two, and then rating it one star.  She didn't rate it one star because of the writing style, or because she thought it was written poorly.  She rated it one star because, as she said, she "should have read other reviews before reading the book."  She didn't know what it was going to be about, so when she found out it wasn't her preferred reading material, she craps out my strong four and a half star average on that book with her one star rating.

I know I should be the duck, and let it roll off my back like water.  And I will eventually.  I'm trying to find a lesson here to learn, because I know there is one.  Bad press is good?  Someone will read that review and be all, like, "I want to see what she hated so much!"  I know I've done that.

Maybe someone will read this blog post and offer some sage advice.  Do people even read these?  *whistle*  *cups ear*  Anything?

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