Monday, November 11, 2013

Amanda Albertson

Happy Monday!  This is another post in my Meet and Greet Series.  On the 7th, I and the above other authors will be at the Coffee House Cafe, to talk books.  So you really should stop by if you're in the neighborhood and say hi!  Today, I'm talking about Amanda Alberson, whose book, Losing Connor I'm going to review.

Don't let the cover fool you.  This is not a joyful book about rainbow and unicorns.  It's pretty sad.  In fact, I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning finishing it, then stayed up later to calm myself down.  I don't typically cry.  Contrary to my husband's belief, I don't cry at much, unless PMS is a factor.  The reason why, is I. DON'T. LIKE. TO. CRY.  This is why I quit reading Jodi Picoult, and Nicholas Sparks, and Tony Morrison.  If I had known this book was like this, I probably wouldn't have read it.
But don't get me wrong.  The book was wonderful.
Told in a series of highly effective flash-backs, the story is about a high school couple who make the ultimate mistake.  They get pregnant.  Refreshingly, the main conflict isn't about that, though.  It IS a big part of the conflict, but not IT.  There's so much more to this story.
I have a couple of tabboos with my reading/writing, and honestly if I'd known exactly what this book was about I would have offered up an interview or something.  But I'm sooooo glad I didn't.  I needed to read this book.  I was so well done, in almost every aspect, that I'm glad I read it.  It had real, beautifully flawed characters, an intricate plot that was really well done, and  thank god: ends on a happy note.  These characters stuck with me for days.  I would recommend this book to anyone: friends, family, strangers, anyone who needs a good cry.  Face it, we all do sometimes.

To buy Amanda's book on Amazon, click HERE
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And she has a website with poetry and such, HERE

I'm starting to feel a little intimidated by the sheer amounts of talent that will be in the room at the coffee house...

On a separate note, my blog tour for Falling for Him starts today.  Cruise around the following websites and check it out!  There's all kinds of fun goodies: reviews, character interviews, playlists, casting, you name it.

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  1. Wow. Another great read! I can't wait to meet you, Amanda AND Anne! ;)