Friday, November 8, 2013

Falling for Grace

Whew!  I've finished with reviews for now, and I have an opening in my blog, which means I'm going to pimp myself for a bit.  Yesterday, I managed to publish Falling For Grace, Book two in my Four Winds series.

The gorgeous cover is done by Vanessa Booke, and I absolutely love it, as usual.  I think she's designed several classy book covers for me, that are instantly recognizable as mine.  And I love that, because for once, mine doesn't equal crappy homemade.

This series took shape one day last winter when my husband and I were huddled around the fireplace, and he said, "I think a book about the archangels would be cool, you could talk about them falling, and their first experiences with feelings and emotion."  I'm not sure if I've done that effectively, but I took the idea and ran with it.  Here's the blurb for Grace:

Rafael is one of God’s Four Winds, the Archangel of Healing. He has answered the countless prayers for healing of loved ones, wondering what it was about the emotion that made humans willing to sacrifice so much. 

Grace is a lifeguard who has been on Rafe’s radar since she lost a little boy three years ago. What she doesn’t realize is the green haze that comes over her during a rescue is actually a diving presence who’s about to give up his celestial body to become a very real entity in her life. 

While Grace is trying to overcome her own demon, Rafe is discovering his own sexuality, but there’s a darker presence making himself known. The Deceiver wants what Rafe is getting, and he’ll do whatever it takes to have her.

Eventually, I will write all four archangels' books (actually there's seven, but I'm not sure I'll do all of them), as well as the Devil, because in my world, nobody's all bad, and everybody deserves a little love.  

I don't have all the release day hooplah surrounding this one, because I honestly wasn't planning on releasing it yet, but oh well...I did it.

So, go pick up your copy at AMAZONSMASHWORDS, and BARNES AND NOBLE

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