Thursday, October 31, 2013

This is Halloween, This is Halloween. Halloween, Halloween, Halloween. HALLOWEEN!

I used to love Halloween.  But I refuse to wear a tasteless or slutty costume.  I think it should be scary.  Last year I was a zombie, a damn good zombie that freaked people out everywhere I went.  I entered a costume contest, and lost to a man dressed in drag black-face as Aunt Jemima, and a sexy maid.  So this year, I give up.  I'll be home, working on my daughter's dark angel costume, and finishing up My Mistake revisions, round 2.  So there.  Halloween can suck it.

I'm gonna try not to think too hard about giving up on Halloween for me, I'm just going to sink into my book, and hope it comes out well.  I'm also re-thinking my publishing schedule (again) and possibly getting Falling for Grace edits done so I can go ahead and put it up there.  The more books I have out, the more people will buy.  That's the thinking anyway.  I'm almost to my goal of bringing in an income that can contribute to the household finances.  Well, not almost, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel.  I just need to make it a little more consistent.

I'm also going to jump on this box set bandwagon, but I need something new to put in it.  Maybe My Mistake?  Maybe a new novella with Kathy and Luke's story?  I did a vote on Facebook, and K and L won out over Derrick and Brenda.  (YAY!)

But I'll be trying to remedy the snarky comments about the filfth in the house today, as well as playing Mommy, while working on revisions.  Tonight, we'll go Trick or Treating, and then come home and I'll steal all the Snicker's bars.

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