Thursday, October 3, 2013

Expired Regrets by Megan Smith

I read this yesterday, and I have to say it is the best written New Adult romance I have read in a long time.  While it has all of the aspects of NA that are typical: angst, wishy-washy characters, and over-reactions, it is all soooo realistic.  The reactions, the wishy washiness and the angst are all totally in line with the characters, and not overly-dramatic at all (as far as teenagers and young adults go, that is).  The tension is drawn out nicely over the course of the story, and inserted humor is also realistic, and not forced.

Rose is a high school senior, who meets the love of her life in the horse barn.  Yeah, I'm a sucker for cowboys, but Bryant isn't the typical cowboy.  He's a typical twenty-two year old college kid.  That's the basic premise, but there's so much more to the story: love triangles, loss, struggle for independence...

Overall, I really liked this story.  There were a couple of places where the story's pace lagged a bit, and a time or two I got so mad at Rose I could have just slapped her.  Then I told myself that she was reacting like a typical 18-year-old, probably, and I read on.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking to read a steamy YA novel with lots of tension.  Well done, Ms. Smith.

Today, at 10:00 (honestly not sure if that's my time or her time), the author will be stopping by to chat, so come back and check in to see what she's got to say!

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  1. Hey Anne! Thank you so much for sharing Expired Regrets with your fans! I know what you mean with wanting to slap Rose, I too wanted to on several occassions, and book 2 even more so. Can't help where our characters take us!