Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Book Review - One Piece Missing by Darren Worrow

This book was a surprise to me.  Written in the first person point of view, it is delightfully British.  Not in a snobby way, but this Texas girl couldn't help but hear the narrator's lovely accent throughout the story, which was awesome, and doesn't always happen.  Lot's of author's lose their 'voice' or it fades in and out, but Mr. Worrow did a wonderful job of sustaining his narrator's voice throughout the story, which was nice.

He also did a breathtaking job of handling the addiction the MC struggled with in a realistic manner.  Not only did Mr. Morrow handle it realistically, but it is beautifully done.  The scenes where the MC is painting, he goes into a sort of fugue state, and these are masterfully written scenes as well.  As a whole, Mr. Worrow paints pictures with his words that are stunning.

The story was well done, the plot was character driven by the main character, an alcoholic artist with an unknown benefactor, who falls in love with one of his models.  It's really a lovely story.

The book itself was a little rough around the edges, but part of that was the narrator's voice, I think.  The other part could have been fixed with a little editing/tightening up, but it didn't detract from the great story, for once.

Marie, the female MC was also a little flat in places, and I had a hard time connecting with her.  On the whole though, this was a great story, and I would totally recommend it to others, especially if they like their romances with a little supernatural mystery.

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