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From Yankee Young Adult author to Texas Rom Com writer #Writing Texas with Magan Vernon

From Yankee Young Adult author to Texas Rom Com writer

I started my writing career with YA while I was still unmarried and living in a tiny Illinois house, hoping for something different than my call center job out of college.
Fast forward to the present and now I'm living on an acre of land in a town of 852 people in northern Texas with two cheerleading little girls and a neighbor with chickens the size of dobermans.

Did I ever see my life like this? Nope.
So how'd it get like this?

My husband and I both worked for the same insurance company. I left in 2013 when my writing career took off and that was the winter Illinois got 16 inches of snow in one day. I told him "We have to get the hell out of here." He ended up taking a job in North Carolina, so we packed up our two young daughters, the dog, and headed south.

But after only six months with the new job, my husband hated it and made us all miserable. So he agreed to go back to his insurance company but there was no way we were going back to the snow of Illinois. So the company sent us to Texas and we decided if we were going to Texas, we were never leaving, so we had to enjoy it.

For the past, by golly, eight years, I'd been working on the same book about an Olympic athlete and small town girl. The setting was originally in the mountains, but as I started strolling our small Texas town and frequenting the local bakeries, I knew that this story needed to take place in Texas.

For my family and for my writing, we all became immersed in Texas culture. We went to the State Fair of Texas and rode the giant ferris wheel, we started making our own barbecue (we like it sweet and thick, Dallas style. Sorry North Carolina, you keep that vinegar), and every chance we got, we traveled to the little towns around us and took in all of the charm that Texas has to offer.

The words to Edge of Glory started flowing from my fingers. Friendship, Texas became a real place full of all of the awesome things I'd found in small town Texas. Once the book was out there, I cringed, hoping that people wouldn't think this former yankee messed up this wonderful state. Instead this little ol book was featured in San Antonio Living and had reviews saying "Magan Vernon knows small town Texas."

So I put away the YA and the other books and decided to stay in Friendship, Texas a little longer, Homecoming mums, church ladies, and all.

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