Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Another post about ME and Chef's Delight: The story behind the story

So, a lot of you know I used to raise goats.  We've moved recently and had to sell them, but at one point, I was really into them.  I milked them and attempted the cheese-making thing, realized it was all a huge pain in the ass and quit.  Besides, they insisted on breaking out of all the enclosures I made them.  *sigh*

So Chef's Delight, the story about the goat farmer, came straight from my own experiences.  Well, except for the psychotic ghost, and the hot chef guy.  The hot chef guy was just a fantasy of mine, and the ghost was to add drama.  I named her after my grandmother, as sort of a :p to her for being so mean to me as a child.

I wrote this one about the same time I wrote Dream On, and released Neighborly Complications, Dream On, and Chef's Delight all at the same time.

My mom loved it, but told me it had too much sex in it, which I took as a good thing.  She has since stopped reading my books unless I ask her to specifically for some reason.  She can't handle the sex.  Tee hee.


Welcome to Serendipity, Texas, a town where real people deal with real problems. Meet characters in their thirties and forties struggling with day-to-day issues and managing to find love in the process. Visit Serendipity, where the days are hot, and the nights are steamy! 

Connor is trying to open a restaurant in Serendipity, Texas, where Jessie is trying to keep alive a struggling goat cheese business. When his cheese supplier flakes out on him, he needs a new cheese maker, but she is a little trigger happy since her ex-boyfriend has started stalking her. Add to the mix a ghost that has a crush on Connor, and you have a steamy romance that will send chills to your toes. 

Warning: Mature Content. Suitable for 18 and over

At some point in my writing carer, I would like to tackle a cook book with recipes inspired by Chef's Delight and other Stories of Serendipity.  In fact, I started one last year, but buying all that goat cheese that my kids refused to eat got expensive...so...I put it on the back burner.

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