Monday, March 9, 2015

Something different, please?

Romance writing can get very creative when the writer is trying to avoid words like vagina and penis, in an attempt to take the medicinal feeling out of the scene.  But are some of the words any better?  These are just a sampling of words used for genitalia that make me go hmmm...

Girly bits - make me think of my eleven year old, ew.

Lady garden - um, what exactly are we doing here?

Folds - laundry, and too much skin, ew

Mound - Laundry again...

Outer lips (or lips of any kind, really)- reminds me of a joke from my childhood friend, the Truly Tasteless Jokebook, where a little boy's dad tells him girls have teeth down there.  I hear somebody parting lips of any kind, and the Jaws theme starts playing in my head.

Love vessel - um... just, no.

Men can be just as bad:

Shaft - mining for something, are we?

Manhood- Like they have to go through some ritual to get a penis. Nope.  They're born with it.

Tower of Power - What exactly are we talking about here?

What sorts of words drive you nuts?  Totally take you out of the scene while you're reading?  Comment below for a chance to win an ecopy of my latest release, The Fixer Upper.

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