Thursday, October 27, 2016

Writing Texas - RD Berg

Today, I have RD Berg on the blog.  She talks briefly about fictional towns in Texas and how they are inspired by real cities.

In my eyes and heart there is nothing better than the great state of Texas; from the abundance of open land and rolling hills, to the eccentric vibe of Austin, our special dialect and inherit love of sweet tea. So naturally when I began my writing journey it was only fitting to choose Texas as my location. Most of the cities I write about are made up, call that privilege of delivering fiction, but even my fictitious towns possess the look and feel of Texas cities I have visited.  My hometown of Denton, TX or Lil D as we call it had a major influence on my book 5 Stages of Riley Winters. Our quaint downtown area offers great eats, good music and awesome festivals throughout the year. So when my character developed into an upcoming musician it was only natural to plant him in a town such as Denton, TX.  Inspiration around our great state is plentiful and I know that many of my next novels will reflect this great inspiration!

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