Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Things I'm tired of in Romance novels...

As I welcome in the new year, a new business plan, and the "new"ness of it all.  I have a new series, tons of new ideas, and even a new plan of action!  So with that in mind, I've made a mental list of "don'ts" that I'm going to implement.  Of course, that's a whole blog post in and of itself, but I'm going to split it up into several different ones.

The first being, things I will never write into my books, because I'm sick to death of seeing them in books I read.  Some of these, I'm actually guilty of writing in the past.  (See?  I can own it.)

#1--"You like what you see?"  (duh, or she wouldn't be staring.  Now don't be an asshole about it.)

#2--(as soon as she touches his junk) "You better watch out (be careful, etc.), or this will be over before it starts."

#3--Sex noises.  Yeah, they don't really translate into the written word well.  Please don't try.  Words like, "ugh," and "mmmm...," bring to totally un-sexy things to my mind.

#4--When the guy looks at the girl naked for the first time and mutters in an awestruck voice, "Beautiful..."  I'm not going to lie and say that's an awful thing to say, because EVERY woman feels vulnerable the first time they get naked and show off the goods to a lover, but can we get a little creativity?  Besides, "Fucking beautiful..."  I'm actually guilty of this one, but I don't think I've done it lately.

#5--Billionaires- Okay, I'll give on this one.  Up until I researched for this blog post, I thought there were only, like, 7 legitimate billionaires on the planet.  But, according to Forbes, there are 1,645.  And they aren't all ugly, old, skeezy dudes.  Sorry.  But I'm still a little tired of the old "Billionaire sweeps the innocent off her feet" trope.  Now that I know I was wrong about the number of them, I may entertain ideas of actually writing about this.  But I will twist up the trope.  While there may be that many billionaires, I have a hard time believing they're all sucked into the innocent trope that easily.

My number one goal of the new year is to get my blog back up on a regular basis, so look for more posts like this in the future.  I'll still be spotlighting authors on occasion, but not everyday like I did, once upon a time.  Leave me a comment telling me what you'd like to see blogged about, and I'll try to include it.  Every comment will get entered into a drawing to win an ecopy of my next release (sometime in the next two weeks) The Best Laid Plans of Boys and Men.

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