Thursday, December 4, 2014

Holy CRAP!!!!

Okay, so I never in a million years ever, ever, EVER thought my step mother-in-law would be an answer to an author's prayer, but OMG, she did it!  I didn't even ask her for anything.  At all.

So, Thanksgiving, I'm sitting around with the hubbie's family, drunk off my ass, (because I was in total denial mode, but that's another blog post altogether) and she whispers to me, "Did I ever tell you about Devon?  My cover model friend?"

Quirking an eyebrow, like I often do with my in-laws (because it's some sort of law that we never take each other seriously) I said, "Do tell..."  Okay, I slurred it, but whatever.

She takes me back to the bedroom and pulls up her facebook page and shows me a picture of an incredibly YOUNG guy, then goes immediately to a picture of him in a bathing suit.  I have to laugh, because it's my MIL, and she's showing me pictures of hot, young guys on her computer, but I shut the fuck up when she whispers, "He's coming by tomorrow to visit."

So he does, and we visit, and not only is he gorgeous, but he's NICE, TOO!  We all talked about my books, with me totally ignoring my father-in-law's eye-rolling, because he's not the most supportive dude on the planet.

Fast forward, and I now have spoken with Devon again, he's agreed to model for my book covers, and I've also spoken with a photographer, Jules, a friend of Devon's.


I cannot tell you how tickled I am about this.  Not only am I starting a new series in 2015, an edgier, sexier series, but I'm going to have some original cover art, and I am super excited.  Of course, since none of the people in my real life get as excited about these things as I do, I'm going online to tell my virtual friends.

Because I love you.  Muah!!


  1. Awesome. I can't wait to read the new books

  2. That is fantastic news Anne! Can't wait to get them in my hands.

    1. Hey! Look! A virtual friend turned real-life friend! Thanks, Deena!