Monday, July 28, 2014

Five things you probably didn't know about me...

Here are five things you probably didn't know about me...

1.  I went to college with dreams of working in Hollywood, as a Theater major, then later as a radio/TV/Film major.  Then I met people in the business, and changed my mind...

2.  I love camping, in a tent, really roughing it.

3.  I detest make-up, much to my mother's chagrin.

4.  I don't have television.  I rarely watch it, unless I'm at someone's house.  So I don't know anything about the Walking Dead, Doctor Who, or sadly, the Outlander series...

5.  I have no idea what instagram is.  :)


  1. Hi Anne,

    Well I am with you on some of those 5 things.
    1. I went to college and took Accounting with a brother and sister. And, I'm not an accountant but it does come in handy as an Admin. and Program Assistant.
    2. The only camping I wish to do is roughing it in my living room and sleeping on my couch.
    3. I am a girly girl, so I do make up and have my nails and toes painted.
    4. I do have several tvs, but I haven't ever watched the Walking Dead, Doctor Who or the Outlander series.
    5. I have an idea of what instagram is but I have never used it.

    5 things about me:
    1. I enjoy my job as an Admin. and Program Assistant at a University.
    2. I am one of 7 kids, next to the oldest with order being...b g g b g g b.
    3. I love to read, piddle in my yard, go yard saling and slot machines.
    4. I love 70s and country music.
    5. I live in a 4 bedroom/2 bath home and love it.

    Ginger aka robertsonreads