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Samantha Holt helps to answer the age-old question...

Things may look a bit familiar to you guys today.  I posted a review of this book last week, and if I can figure out how to link it, I will.  AHA!  Hear it is..  Just in case you missed it.    In the meanwhile, I asked Samantha to do a guest post today, and it's awesome! Firmly plant your tongue in your cheek, and take the quiz to find out which comes first for you?  Lust, or Love?

Thanks for hosting me today, Anne. I was invited to talk about love and lust and what comes first. The majority of the time my heroines and heroes spend a lot of time lusting after each other. For me, insta-love rarely happens in my stories but I have friends who have been lucky enough to be living proof that love at first sight does happen. With this in mind, I whittled up this handy quiz to help you decide if it’s love or lust.

Is it Love or Lust?

1.       Do you admire the way his plaid stretches tight over his chest?
A.      Nay, I’m more interested in his views on the war of independence.
B.      Aye, have you seen his chest?

2.       Do you spend hours staring into his eyes?
A.      Aye.
B.      Nay, I’d rather be doing something far more interesting.

3.       Would you prefer a candlelit meal for two or a rowdy feast where you can both get deep into your cups?
A.      A quiet meal.
B.      Drunken debauchery!

4.       Your loved one’s castle has been sacked and taken. Would you still follow him to a humble cottage?
A.      Of course. I would move in and live with the pigs with him.
B.      Nay, but I’d visit it him for a few late night’s delights as long as the pig was sent outside.

5.       Your father wishes to marry you to a rich Earl. Do you accept the offer?
A.      Nay. My highlander would run him through and we would flee to England.
B.      Perhaps, if he was rich enough. I can always take a lover on the side.

Mostly As.

You are destined to be together no matter what the world throws at you. Arranged marriages, warring clans and greedy kings will not get in the way of your love. Friends find you sickening and your parents find you infuriating. The bards will write about your great love.

Mostly Bs.

Aye, you dream of his battle scarred body at night and you can’t get enough of each other but you wouldn’t be willing to sacrifice everything for him. The servants gossip about your illicit liaisons but if a rich enough man came along, you could probably be persuaded to put your lover aside. You might not be destined to go down in history as great lovers but you’ll have a damned good time in the meantime.

About the Author
Samantha lives in a small village in England with her gorgeous twin girls and husband who is a trained bodyguard and ex-soldier. She traditionally writes historical romances involving chivalrous knights and hot highlanders, but occasionally a gorgeous contemporary hero can coax her into the modern world.

Samantha’s latest release To Dream of a Highlander is available from Amazon .com:

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