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Happy Anniversary!!!

Amanda Alberson is celebrating her one-year anniversary.  This post was supposed to go up yesterday, but I'm a total flake...

        One year ago today I was completely freaking out. I finally worked up the courage to hit the publish button on my first book. What if no one liked it? Even worse what if they hated it? Oh my gosh, I hate it! I almost deleted it before it ever saw the light of day, but I’m glad I didn’t! I may have written the words inside the book but it was with the help of so many people that it was actuallypublished.  Tawdra Kandle, Melissa Ringstad, Katie Breaux, Lisa Markson, Tamara Hoffa, Jennie Wright, Jessica Gibson, Julie Titus and Christine Powell-Gomez, awonderful group of beautiful and talented women who took a chance on a writer who’d never published anything, never written seriously and had no clue what she was doing. Thank you ladies, you helped make my dream a reality.  One year later I have a ton of things in the works. It’s been a busy year, my husband graduated college, we moved across the state and I am trying to get my munchkins ready to start new schools, so writing took a ride on the back burnerfor a bit. School starts in 11 days, and I will be locking the world outside and building my own!

Thank you to everyone who has purchased, won, read, reviewed, gifted or volunteered to read Losing Connor! I love hearing from readers. Here’s a preview of what I have in store for you in the near future!!

For those who haven’t read Cassie and Declan’s story here’s a teaser for you!

Losing Connor: 

We sat silently for weeks, watching one another in class. He seemed so confident when other girls spoke to him in the hall, the cafeteria, class; you cold bet if Declan was somewhere, girls were talking to him. He would smile and flirt, as the girls fell all over themselves and his mid Irish lilt. But sitting next to me in class, he was a stone. My stomach fluttered in anticipation, wanting,needing, wordlessly begging him to speak to me; to just hear his lips form my name would have been enough.

Losing Connor is on sale right now on Amazon for just .99!!

I also have a short story in a paranormal anthology available. 

Miraculous: Tales of the Unknown which includes stories from several awesome indie authors.

The Aftermath of Cassie and Declan. Told from Declan, Caprice and Rory’s POV carrying through the end of Losing Connor and into the future of everyone involved.

Janice’s secretary opens the door to her office and all the air leaves my lungs. She’s standing with her back to me but I’d know her anywhere.  Nothing about her has changed. My eyes slide down the gentle slope of her hips, back up to the slender curve of her neck. I want to bury my face in that small warm space between her jaw and her shoulder, loose myself in the intoxicating scent of her skin. In the moment there is nothing else. Just my Cassie, and my overwhelming love for her, the years haven’t dulled it at all, but with it comes a burning anger that rides the line of hate so close it makes my stomach turn. She did this to us, she tore us apart, and she just couldn’t believe in me enough to let me make our family work. Damn her, and then she turns around.

When No One was Listening. Sloane Christianson hears her dead twin’s voice in her head, a punishment for killing her. All her life she’s fought to be invisible, but now, forced to move back to the small town where it all happened she is thrust into the spot light.  Pursued by her childhood crush and tormented by the town bully, how will she survive? 


“Hit her” Sarah whispered.  My fist slammed into her perfect face, pushing five grand worth of a nose job sickeningly to the left. Detached I watched as the most popular girl in school stumbled, holding her hands over the wreck I’d made of her looks, no one would ever believe it was my dead sister’s fault.

Oh crap, I just punched the prom queen.

I have these kinds of moments far too often. Tiny blips in time where nothing else matters except Sarah, moments when I can still hear her in my ear urging me on.

 I think I’m crazy.

I know for sure that I am alone, I am broken, and I am a murderer. Some things can be pushed down deep inside of you, but if you can still hear your dead twin’s voice in your head, even if it’s not that often, well then they aren’t deepenough.

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