Friday, March 9, 2018

A day in the life of an author...

I can't tell you what exactly I've accomplished today, but I've been at my desk working most of the it...

Like, I've been monitoring a couple of facebook ads, watching my money go down the toilet.  This week, I've spoken with two facebook ad "experts," one actually FROM facebook, so I'm implementing some of their strategies (like the ever elusive pixel). 

And since I'm spending money on FB ads, I'm monitoring my sales numbers, which is a lot like watching a stagnant pond with a small eddy in the middle.  Spending more on ads than I'm making.  Sweet.  Good times.

But I woke up with one goal in mind: To finish revisions on Chapter six.  Chapter six is pretty wasted, in my opinion.  It's an opportunity to introduce lots of backstory and motivations through dialogue with different characters, thereby introducing them as well.  I've been reading some Kristen Ashley books, and realized her secondary characters are as well-drawn as her primary characters, and I want to be like Kristen Ashley.  Richness, detail, awesome story telling.  I've opened this chapter no less than nine times this morning to get this in there, and get it way better than an "Almost-Kissing Scene" without much else.

Alas, I've started my Pinterest board for this book series that releases in August, IF I CAN FINISH THE FREAKING BOOK.  I've had a conversation with a former firefighter about the fact all available images of bunker gear have firefighters posing, looking like cover models, instead of real firefighters. (Newsflash:  They actually wear clothes under the gear!)   AND I've had a fabulous discussion with a fellow author about the motivations and redemption of a character in a novel we both read and loved.  Oh, and I learned what SnowThunder is.

I have written about 500 words, but the chapter isn't finished.  I have some notes on what to do next, but not much else.  I'm thinking about the pub I go to more than my manuscript.  I may go write there.  It IS Friday after all...

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