Monday, July 18, 2016

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Get ready for the latest addition to the Pierce Security series!
Anne Conley's latest novella, Redemption for Misty, launches Thursday, July 21st! Redemption for Misty features secondary characters from both her Pierce Securities series and Susan Stoker's Delta Forces series and is powered by Special Forces Kindle World.
To celebrate the launch of Redemption for Misty, the entire Pierce Security series is on sale for a limited time! Now is the time to load up your Kindle and catch up!

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A year ago Misty was kidnapped and left for dead in the floor of a dirty garage, when she was saved by the guys from Pierce Security.  Since then, she’s been living with her brother to save money, while working to build up business for her coffee shop that donates proceeds to victims of violent crimes against women.  But it’s a struggle.

When her over protective brother goes out of town, he leaves his Army buddy Chris, AKA, Casanova to stay with her, with explicit instructions to just keep her safe, not to get into her panties.  But his heart has other plans.  Chris has been in love with Misty’s picture for years.  With the strong need to protect also comes overwhelming feelings of desire. 

But things change when the mysterious ‘Ghost’, a regular at her shop, comes in hinting about some unseen danger.  Chris and Misty learn promises are meant to be broken and consequences are worth accepting when danger threatens what you love the most.

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Excerpt from Redemption for Misty:

When Chris had learned about their coffee shop—and how she used the proceeds to help other victims—another layer had been added to the package, and he’d admired her even more. She was smart and beautiful. Now that he lived with her, Chris could admit he was half in love with her.

He watched her carefully while she worked. Sure, he made logos, worked and shit while he was there, but her smile… Jesus… It did things to him. Nice things. He was on a constant lookout for another glimpse of it. She was friendly and warm to everybody she came in contact with. She cleaned up spills with a smile and gave out free treats to kids.

But she was still his buddy’s sister. They’d been through hell together, and he wouldn’t betray his friend by doing the things with Misty he dreamed of. Chris let out a tortured sigh as he laid the shrimp on the grill. Yeah, he would just have to keep his feelings to himself. No way would he jeopardize his friendship to try something with Misty. Knowing his luck, it wouldn’t work out, and he’d alienate his friend and end up without Misty anyway.

But when he went inside with the shrimp, he smelled something that had made his cock semi-hard since he was fifteen years old.

Baking apples.

He took a deep breath, inhaling the cinnamon spicy goodness, and walked into the kitchen. “Something smells great.”

Misty turned with that smile on her face, holding out a piece of flakey awesomeness for him to taste. “Thanks. Taste this and tell me what you think. I’m trying out a new apple strudel recipe for the shop.”

He held her wrist while opening his mouth, taking the bite she offered, careful to not get her fingers. Holy Christ, did he want to. He wanted to suck all the appley deliciousness off her and watch her lips part on a gasp, see the pulse in her neck start to pound, and then he’d do so much more. But he refrained.

Instead, the flavors detonated on his tongue in a myriad of happiness. “Oh my God. That is the best thing I’ve ever tasted.” Chris groaned, not only because it was, but because she’d reacted anyway. She blushed, a dark red he didn’t think would be possible with her skin tone, but she’d done it. And of course, his mind was making it dirty.

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